When The Things We Cherish No More Become Attractive - Fredyma Writes


Have you visited a vehicle mechanic shop of late especially the ones that deals with Benz, Ford, Toyota and all the good brands you can think of?

Do you know that most of these vehicles are packed there either because of a part or an engine that is broken and the owners can't afford to buy them or the mechanic can't easily get the parts to buy? A lot of billions are sitting at most workshops.

What is the import of this write up? I have come to realize that in life, it will come to a time that, we will abandon all the things we used to cherish.
Everything has its elastic limit. Recently i was going through some of my clothes i used to admire. Some of them, i haven't worn for years. Once a while, i bundle them and share to neighbors. No matter the size of your house, the small corner in your bedroom is your abode.

Let us not be so consumed with the little success with have chalked in life and remember that, nothing last forever. To the craves for wealth, visit a mechanic shop and acquaint yourself with the once flashy vehicles you used to adore. Life is a mystery and a dream. It is good to acquire basic things for your needs in life but, shouldn't be so fascinated as being the ultimate to life.

The picture below shows a limousine which was once an attraction in Ghana. Look at its state now. Be steady in life. Do your best and leave the rest.