Glass Nkoaaa: Twene Jonas Fired...Sleeps in Pastor's Living Room In The US - Hopeson Adorye Alleges - VIDEO

Barely 24hours after former Member of Parliament of Katamanso with the New Patriotic Party Hopeson Adorye put out a viral video claiming Twene Jonas' stay in the United States may soon be over following the latter’s run-in with immigration authorities, the Ghanaian vlogger and social commentator has resurfaced in extraordinary circumstances.

Hopeson, took social media on Wednesday, to share a video of him revealing that he had gone to the workplace of Jonas to meet the internet sensation who usually portrays a rosy lifestyle in the USA and known for his strong criticism of Ghanaian leaders on social media.

Twene Jonas jumped into social media prominence with live video sessions where he tackles issues facing the average Ghanaian and national development.

He is noted for his comical yet aggressive manner of putting leaders on their feet.

But according to Hopeson, his investigations unearthed that Jonas had lost his job after he was found to be yielding fake documents and was currently perching in the house of a Ghanaian preacher at Queens.

Additionally, he disclosed that US law enforcement is frantically searching for Jonas to deport him to Ghana because he’s an illegal migrant and doesn’t have proper documents to reside in the country.

Hours after Hopeson's video went viral, Twene Jonas popped up and sought to discredit Adorye's claims by flaunting a new iPhone 13 Pro Max to prove that he's still “living a good life in Heaven on earth.”

As if that was not enough, elder sister of socialite has also unleashed her anger on the Ghanaian politician.

Jumping to the defence of her little brother, she, in a video in an Instagram, charged on the former Member of Parliament daring him to leave her brother alone and face her instead.

Watch Hopeson Adorye's video below which partially explained the reason behind the sudden disappearance and unexplained hiatus of Twene Jonas from social media.