Being Creative Is A Crucial Component Of Surviving The Music Industry - Epixode

Reigning Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year, Epixode, has said that every musician will need to exhibit some level of creativity in their craft to survive the Ghanaian music industry.

His comments come after Legendary Ghanaian musician Nat Brew popularly known as Amandzeba passed the mantle of music to Epixode considering his creative exploits in the music industry thus far.

Epixode's creativity in the music industry especially his stage performance has been very impressive and has been lauded by many for his versatility.

“Every artiste needs creativity to survive the industry and you are able to exhibit more creativity especially when you belong to a recording label where other team members assist in your creativity.

“In other jurisdictions, people are employed to decide what an artiste should wear on stage as well as other creatives that come along with a performance. So artistes must invest in the creative aspect of their craft because it is another way of getting noticed,'' he told Ghana News Agency in an interview.

When asked about the mantle of music being passed onto him by Amandzeba, Epixode said: "It is an honour and a blessing to be recognized as one of the most creative artistes in the country by the Legendary Ghanaian musician Amandzeba and this shows that some artistes in the industry have some good content to offer."

Epixode added that his project to help upcoming musicians is still ongoing as he set to feature 50 of them in his next project and hopefully it would yield some positives and encourage them to make greater strides in their career.