Atwima Nwabiagya: Communities Protest Against Poor Road Network

A Mammoth protest has hit Hiawu Besease as residents from other adjoining communities like Ahodwo, Huruye and Amoabeng joined forces to protest against their bad road networks.

Slippery, hilly and gully can be the appropriate adjectives to describe the road networks from Ntesere to Hiawu Besease, a farming community and its linking towns.

The bad road is said to be impeding the growth of these communities and farmers have been lamenting the rate at which their harvested farm produce always got rotten due to inaccessible routes.

Drivers reluctantly ply the route because of its unmotorable state and residents say, they are also compelled to pay the exorbitant fare since they can’t trek home 

In rainy seasons, they have to make their ways to their destinations by walking briskly in the muddy and slippery road since drivers reject any offer to ply the route.

Speaking to Hello FM's Prince Kwadwo Boadu, they appealed earnestly to the government to fix their roads for them since it has been retarding the socioeconomic growth of these affected communities.

“In rainy seasons, one cannot ply this poor road because the road becomes slippery and vehicles usually veer off," one woman said.

We have been sidelined in infrastructural growth by successive governments after the tenure of HE John Agyekum Kuffour.

A visit to these towns by this reporter reveals how extent buildings have also received their fair share of the bad road.