Accra-Tema Motorway Potholes Patched Up

Yet again, the Mobile Maintenance Unit of the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) has filled up the many potholes on the Accra-bound side of the Accra-Tema Motorway to make driving on the stretch safe.

For weeks, drivers and commuters who use the motorway complained about the gaping and dangerous potholes that had developed particularly on that stretch of the 19km motorway that had become a threat to road safety.

Over the weekend, the mobile maintenance team undertook an exercise to improve the situation, filling the potholes with bitumen, although the road is paved with concrete.

The Public Relations Officer of the GHA, Cecil Obodai Wentum, told the Daily Graphic that the weekend’s rehabilitation works constituted about 80 per cent of required maintenance works, and that the rest would be completed soon.

Beyond that, officials of the GHA declined to answer further questions with regard to the proposed rehabilitation and expansion works on the motorway.

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