Special Prosecutor To Go After Presiding/Returning Officers Who Forge Election Results

The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, says he's not going to wait for political parties to go to the Supreme Court before determining whether or not there was electoral fraud.

According to him, he's going to be vigilant at the polling stations to ensure there's no tampering of figures.

Meanwhile, he has cautioned returning officers; saying, "they will be prosecuted if there's any forging of figures"

"Elections are also under my jurisdiction . . . I won't wait for it to go to the Supreme Court before doing something. If you're a presiding or a returning officer and you forge figures, I will deal drastically with you. So if you're a presiding or returning officer, I won't wait for pink sheets to be taken to the Supreme Court. I'll be on them, during the election," he indicated during a one-on-one interview on Peace FM morning show 'Kokrokoo', Thursday.

Listen to him in the video below