Ghana Money, Oga Mills Dey Chop Am Fuka Fuka

The fact that the lion is the king of the jungle does not mean that it cannot be brought down by the hunter�s gun. We are surprised to now hear the bat is too blind to see things at night. The truth of the matter is that the bat has been blind since creation. The Presidency is a very revered institution. It is therefore expected that all those associated with it should be people with very strong credentials. There should be no room for mediocrities. But this cardinal principle has been thrown overboard in Mills Ghana. What we have there are not principled people but those who dance to the tunes of music provided by a very unpatriotic and power hungry cabal who are holding the President, our President hostage. This cabal is behaving exactly like the dogs in Orwell�s Animal Farm. They have tasted the blood of their victims and are yearning for more. I have already stated that the presidency is a very sacrosanct institution and must be observed as such. However, all those associated with it, from the highest papacy to the lowest clergyman, are not people of very high integrity. They are people with a dangerous and frightening mindset. At the head of this institution is a na�ve, fumbling and wobbling Professor who prefers to call himself �asomdwehene� but, who in actual sense, is vindictive and a hypocrite of the highest order. Under him are his devotees whose daily cup of tea is to hurl insults at political opponents. Instead of calling them to order, the President pretends not to see or hear anything. When their insults reach a crescendo, he calls them secretly, pats them on their shoulders, and urges them to continue. Thus, most appointees like Hanna Bissiw, Okudzeto Ablakwa, Kobby Acheampong, Allotey-Jacobs, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, John Abu Jinapor, Anita de Souza, Omane Boamah and others, have earned the rank of Three Star Generals when it comes to using foul language on perceived political opponents of the President. But today, part of my focus is on the Director of Communications at the Presidency, the �one and only great�� Koku Anyidoho. As Head of Communications at the Presidency, one had expected him to use decorum and flowering language when commenting on national issues. But not this �capricious and whimsical� man at the presidency! After he had used every guile and deceit in his arsenal to get rid of Mahama Ayariga, he thinks the coast is now clear to cruise home to victory. Whatever word that comes out of his mouth or outfit is disgusting. Recently he was reported to have stated that NPP commissioned projects and chopped the money. He based his conclusions on what some sub-chiefs in the said. But if Koku Anyidoho is worth his sauce as Head of the Communication outfit at the Presidency, he would have realized that it was unbecoming of a person of his calibre to have relied on the statement of a few sub-chiefs who were out to outdo others in showering encomiums on a failed President. If a lay person had come up with such a preposition, he/she might be forgiven, but not you, the Great and only one Koku Anyidoho! You see, human memory is very short and the changing fortunes of people make them behave like eunuchs. Not long ago, Togbe Afede was on air castigating ex-President Kufuor by stating that under his regime, the people in Volta Region had felt like strangers on their own land. What he forgot to state was that, he (Togbe) had, while Kufuor was in power, praised him for making his (Togbe) electricity project see the light of the day in spite of strong resistance put up by the chiefs and people of Akuse. He also forgot to tell his audience that Kufuor had made him a Board member of Bank of Ghana. But today, I am happy to state that our revered Chief has seen the light. He has seen through the deceit and treachery of the Mills led NDC. He has realized how dangerous, divisive and terrible the President is. Today, state newspapers like the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times have been reduced to propaganda outfits of the Mills government. Koku Anyidoho outfit twisted the hands of the editorial board to go against its own ethics by publishing that Togbe Afede had praised the moribund Mills administration for implementing pragmatic policies. The revered Chief was alleged to have made such statement when he led a delegation of chiefs from the Volta Region to confer with the President. Of course, Togbe Afede did not find the whole thing funny. He shouted and said what was attributed to him was not true. Till date, Koku Anyidoho and his outfit have not come out to rebuff Togbe�s denial. I was therefore taken aback to read that Koku Anyidoho, in spite of his bravado and �paapaa� could be easily taken in by the antics of these unpatriotic elements in our society. If their assertion was indeed true, why did the so-called sub-chiefs not say it at the time the NPP was in power? Come to think of it. Can the great Koku Anyidoho give us the number of projects the NPP commissioned and then pocketed the money without ensuring their completion? And if indeed the one and only Koku Anyidoho is a good communications expert, what efforts have he and the moribund Mills administration made to retrieve the money not to talk of bringing the culprits to book! If this wicked and irresponsible Mills government could cause huge financial loss to the State by hauling Asamoah Boateng, his wife and others before the law courts for carrying out a renovation exercise which has not even been paid for, why shouldn�t they charge the so-called NPP officials to court? You can easily see, from my analysis, the lack of substance in Koku Anyidoho assertion. And this �great� Koku Anyidoho is at the helm of the Communication outfit at the Presidency! The truth of the matter is that Koku Anyidoho has lost focus on why he is being paid to do. With all the confusion that has befallen the Nefarious Destructive Cancer, Koku is at his wits end as to how to calm the ravaging tempest and so wanted to divert attention from the real issues to imaginary ones. Who wouldn�t act that way if he/she finds him/herself in a similar situation? Propaganda at its best: Koku Anyidoho, by his reckless and irresponsible allegations has revealed the rot that has taken root at the Presidency. Nobody is in charge! You see, these political neophytes at the seat of power make me laugh when they come out with their propaganda against the New Patriotic Party. Sometimes, I wonder what they take Ghanaians for. These members from the nefarious and cancerous contraption claim they met an empty treasury and they had to spin a story to the effect that most of their ministers had not been paid, months after they had assumed duties. But they forgot one thing. They are not as intelligent as they would like to portray themselves. They have forgotten that Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a strong contender to the accolade �Chemical Ali� had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when he stated on Metro TV some months ago, that a few days after assuming duty as Deputy Misinformation Minister, a lady entered his office with an envelope. On enquiry, he was told it was his allowance for the week. The same nominee for the chemical Ali title said when he went shopping in the United States, he realized that most of the major shops had closed down. If the NPP left the treasury empty, where did they get the money for the �tea mpampa� the NDC enjoyed on daily basis during the transition period? What about the money Muntaka Mubarak spent on his girl-friend during their trip to Germany? Where did he get the money for the �chinchinga� and the pampers. What about the money Mahama Ayariga doled out to the NDC serial callers, as alleged by Dr Asemfoforo? There are many more improprieties that time will not allow me to narrate. Commissioning of projects: We have been inundated, on daily basis, about the numerous projects which were initiated by the NDC, and are now being commissioned by our fumbling and wobbling Baba. Such �projects� are being touted as evidence of the �Better Agenda� for Ghanaians. But it is this same government which told Ghanaians in clear unmistakable terms that it had been slow because it used the first two years of its tenure to �clear the mess left by the NPP Government�. It is this same fumbling and wobbling President who said in an interview with Bobbie Ansah on Asempa that if he had the money which he was alleged to have earmarked for his campaign, he would have used it to construct more roads. Where then did he get money to initiate the so-called projects he claims to have completed? You see, liars don�t win, and the earlier Koku Anyidoho and his Communication outfit learnt this simple truth, the better it would be for the Presidency and the entire country. This same Government, at the beginning of the year declared 2011 a Year of Action. This means development projects started at the beginning of the year. If this same government could initiate and complete over 700 projects within a space of five months, then its achievement qualifies it as a pace-setter and must surely go into the Guinness Book of Records. If indeed our fumbling and wobbling Baba Go Slow�s led moribund administration did indeed initiate and complete all these projects within a period of five months, then we must question the quality of work done by the various contractors. Yes, we have to subject the so called projects to a standardization test. But the question is if our fumbling and wobbling Baba could commission projects, some of which were initiated and completed by various District/Municipal Assemblies and Parent-Teachers Association, then the Communication Outfit at the Presidency led by the �all-knowing� Koku Anyidoho has a great deal of explanation to do. NDC will Rebuild Tamale Hospital � Mills Pledges: In The Ghanaian Lens edition of Tuesday, 8th May, 2007 was this bold headline. The story was by one Afi Amematekpor. �NDC Presidential Candidate has said that the renovation and turning the Tamale Hospital into a first class medical facility was high on the agenda of the NDC. He assured the Nursing Sister in charge of the hospital that immediately the NDC takes power in 2009, the Tamale Hospital would be top on the development agenda of the Mills Government. �I promise to make sure that we continue with our plan of giving the people of Tamale and all other places good hospitals and good social infrastructure and you can read my lips for I would keep to my word and make sure that what I pledge to do is what I would do�. People of Tamale and its environs, has the President fulfilled his Promise to you? If he hasn�t, is he a man of principles? Can he be trusted? The answer to all these questions is a Big No! A Selfish President: Why does the President want to attract unnecessary attention to himself by taking credit for everything that happens in the country? Why doesn�t he allow the �smaller citizens� to take a little credit for themselves? The President by his selfish action has revealed his ugly side. Why does he not allow his Vice to do some of the �commissioning�? Is this a sign of good leadership? In Exodus, we see a clear example of what Mills is doing. �And so when Moses father in law saw all that he did for the people, he said �what is this thing that you are doing for the people? Why do you alone sit and all the people stand before you from morning until evening? So Moses father in law said to him: �The thing that you do is not good. Listen now to my voice. I will give you counsel, and God will be with you. Stand before God for the people, so that you may bring their difficulties to God...... Moreover, you shall select from all the people, able men such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness� and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds and rulers of fifties� It also reminds us about the parable of the rich and the poor man. We are told that after David had got Uriah, the Hittite killed and coveted his wife, God sent Nathan, his Prophet to David. The prophet illustrated it with a parable. There were two men in one city, one very rich and the other very poor. The rich man had many flocks and herds but the poor man had nothing except one ewe lamb. Now, the rich man had a visitor and he took the poor man�s lamb and prepared a sumptuous meal for his visitor. You see, Oga Mills has tasted power and realised that �power sweet pass everything�. For a President who wanted to resign on countless occasions to be now going about doing the work of his subordinates speaks of many things. �Why, Oga Mills, na so dem teach you? The little pride wey we get sef, you don take it away from us! Na only you dey chop chop better things? Make una no forget us oo! That was the mantra of one District Chief Executive who was speaking, I believe, the minds of other D/MCEs. He was complaining bitterly to some of his trusted aides. He also said, the President is doing everything, including even the job of a Sanitary Inspector. So, over to you, Oga Mills! The President lacks integrity: Our fumbling and wobbling President went to the Volta Region and cut the sod for the establishment of a University in the Region on a land we later learnt, was a subject of litigation. Again, the President and his ill-advisers forgot that before a University is established, it must have an enabling Act to back it. As at now, no such Act has been passed by Parliament. Whom is the President deceiving? Is this not contrary to the oath he swore to Ghanaians? To deliberately deceive Ghanaians is an ungodly act, and the President claims he is a Christian! No wonder he wore a �juju� ring. STX Buildings for Policemen/women versus accommodation for students: The President claims his failed government is building many quarters for police men/women. Why he is doing so for only the police, no one can say. Perhaps, he wants to use the police to stage a constitutional coup against Ghanaians. If that is his mindset, I will caution him to tread carefully, lest he plunges the country into the precipice of chaos. The late Ignatius Kutu Acheampong wanted to ensure the success of his UNIGOV concept and so imported many armoured Personnel Carriers which were painted in blue colours into the country. Acheampong failed woefully, and Mills and the NDC will also fail if they decide to go that path. The dangerous mindset of President Mills: The fumbling and wobbling President and the NDC do not want our sons and daughters to get the best form of education because they cannot withstand an informed, well- enlightened and educated citizenry. They want to keep our children illiterates or at best semi-literates so that Mills and his failed administration will have the opportunity to dictate to us the type and standard of life we should lead so as to ridicule us. An educated citizenry would see through the unpatriotic antics of this wicked and irresponsible Government and that is something Mills and the NDC cannot stand. Is it any wonder that their Ministers who are paid from the sweat of under-nourished Ghanaians resort to insults and vulgar language when they lose out in intellectual discourse? You remember the hullabaloo that erupted when the political atavists at the Ministry of Education, on the specific instruction of our fumbling and wobbling President, insisted that the 2010/2011 Academic Year be started at the time provisions had not been made for the accommodation of forth year students. This was against advice from the Conference of Heads of Associations of Secondary Schools (CHASS) to postpone the resumption date. We had the Accra Mayor, who unilaterally abolished the shift system without making provisions for the upsurge in the number of pupils in the classrooms. Now, this wicked and irresponsible Government wants to build houses for policemen and women but has not deemed it wise to do a similar thing for our students. Does this fumbling and wobbling government have a sense of priority at all? Is Mills not aware that investing in the education of our children is an investment in the nation? Mills can give many houses for police personnel; I don�t have any quarrel about that. But to deny our children accommodation to enable them have an unimpeded access to education is unpardonable. It is a crime against our children and the nation and humanity! A word of caution to our policemen and women: The failed fumbling and wobbling Mills does not have your interest at heart. If he had, he would have given you soft loans to enable you put up houses in places of your choice so that when you go on retirement, you can have somewhere to lay your �poor miserable heads�. This is what we expect any responsible government to do. Between Goodluck Jonathan and Evans Mills, who is better? I would like our President to take a cue from the Nigerian President. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan exhibited his high moral standards and presidential credentials when he ordered the suspension of his Campaign Director for insulting General Mohamadu Buhari, his political opponent. Refer to Point-blank News of March24, 2011. �The Director of Research and Strategy of the Lucky/Sambo Campaign Organization, Mike Omeri has been suspended for ignoring the President�s directive not to engage opposition parties in smear campaigns. The suspension was ordered by President Goodluck Jonathan. The letter dated March 22, 2011, which conveyed Mr Omeri�s suspension yesterday was signed by the Director General of the Presidential Campaign Council of the PDP, Dalhatu Tafida, who said he (Omeri) was making pronouncement without clearance from his superiors. The letter said, �In spite of repeated warnings to you to desist from pronouncements on the campaign without clearance from either the Director of Publicity or Deputy Director General and the Director General, you have persisted in this direction and thereby embarrassed the campaign with unauthorised statements that are at variance with the value s and principles of our Presidential Candidate. �You are accordingly suspended from your duties as Director of Research and Strategy until further notice, while you are required to respond within 24 hours as to why stronger sanctions should not be applied to you�. Yes, that is the difference between the two, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of Nigeria and Evans Fiifi Atta Mills of Ghana. It is unthinkable, ridiculous and unacceptable that our President, whose devotees acclaim him as a man of integrity and a Christian of the highest order could be surrounded by permanent unrepentant �greedy bastards�, who, on daily basis, heap insults on opposition party members, at the secret instigation of the President. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan does not go about professing to be a Christian. His actions and utterances depict him as a follower and believer in the doctrine of Christ. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills goes about flaunting his Christian credentials in public. He wore a �juju� but Good luck Jonathan wears his wedding ring. Which of the two do is doing the will of God? President Mills goes about commissioning projects started, and sometimes completed by the previous administration without acknowledging the latter�s contribution. And this is the man who prefers to be called Asomdwehene or man of peace! No, he is not. He is the brain behind all the evil acts being perpetrated by his followers. He is indeed divisive, vindictive, visionless and a hypocrite of the highest order. Vision 2012 is on course: That is why we are appealing to you to entrust your destiny into the hands of God who has chosen Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as your Moses to lead you into the Promised Land. Nana is a man of high moral principles, and an experienced Diplomat whose tenure as Chairman of the Security Council brought about peace between the Arabs and the Israelis and received praises from both sides and other statesmen of international stature. Nana Addo Dankwa is focused on whatever he sets his mind on doing and is not distracted by what people say about him. He is an iconoclast of the first order, a dogged fighter and a man of timber and calibre. One gets a feeling of d�j� vu when one comes in contact with him. This is because He has the power of a lion, but has chosen to walk on the side of the road. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will promise you what he can give. Mills, on the other hand will promise you the Brave New World and end up giving you the State of Nature. Nana all the way!