One Million Ballot Claims: Mahama Is Being Unfair - Says Ben Ephson

The pollster Ben Ephson has lashed out at the former president John Mahama over his failure to present allegations of ballot box stuffing in the 2020 elections during the 2021 Supreme Court election petition hearing.

Speaking in an interview on his “thank you” tour of the Western Region, Mahama said: “The 2020 election is one of the worst elections organised since 1992.

“Tell me which election in Ghana was ballot papers printed, yet one million ballot papers were found elsewhere … We didn’t witness this under Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan. She [Jean Mensa] knew there was ballot stuffing.”

Reacting to the claims after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) accepted a call by the Electoral Commission for the police to probe the allegation, Ephson said the largest opposition party must move on because the 2020 polls are over.

“I think that John Mahama is being unfair to his party,” the pollster told the sit-in host of The Asaase Breakfast Show Beatrice Adu on Friday (29 October).

“You had the opportunity to challenge the results at the Supreme Court. And what is happening now, if he had added … that: ‘My Lords, I’ve this evidence of a million ballots,’ I’m sure the Supreme Court would have ordered the police to investigate within two weeks. He did not do that.”

Sealed and finished
Ephson said disputes relating to the presidential results in the 2020 general election are done and dusted.

He added: “The court has ruled, [but] once you keep doing this, what are you doing to yourself? The 2020 results are sealed and finished.

“I don’t think you’re energising your base with this. He [Mahama] should look ahead, because there is nothing they can do to reverse the results.

“Mahama has been misguided in all this by some of his advisors. He’s not listening to the general views.

“If the NDC’s aim is to discredit the EC I believe it’s not going to wash. The nature of the NDC is a bit far remote from their grass roots.”