Of Romeo Pastors And Hotel Rooms

Religion as a whole, particularly matters regarding the hallowed world of the Church, demand a lot of circumspection, as it should be devoid of frivolity. Unfortunately however, the many mushrooming jokes called churches, initiated by self-styled young pastors and prophets with uncontrollable libidos, have become the order of the day, giving us cause to rubbish these youngsters for whom the Holy Scriptures are means of making money. Perhaps, the unique position of faith in society has given the bad nuts the leverage to exploit women to the extent of convincing them that demons have turned their bodies into abodes. The Kingdom of God is not for jokers but serious men and women who abhor iniquities. Last week, we dealt with the latest Romeo pastor to have hit town. Since then, a lot of discussions have been held by Ghanaians over the social malaise that has afflicted our country. Our ladies, unfortunately, are the targets of these religious hoodlums who have taken over our airwaves on which they seek and get fame. This, when acquired, is turned into a channel for exploiting unsuspecting women victims. An immediate solution to the challenges posed by the many collared crooks parading our land space and airwaves might not be near; but naming and shaming them can be useful. Their mastery over the application of ruse knows no bounds and they use it to the fullest. Last week, a Koforidua court jailed a certain Pastor Kwabena Adomako for defiling a 9-year-old girl, and interestingly, the so-called Man of God is a specialist on the subject of repentance and deals with it on his daily preaching at the local lorry station. Lucifer, the bad guy, has always shouldered the blame for acts of the boyish pastors when they unzip their trousers in the hotel counseling rooms. There are more bad pastors than good ones. The latter, whose ministries have contributed immensely towards the development of society, are suffering additional ado of guarding their congregations from the devilish prophets whose noise appear to overwhelm us in the urban centres of the country. Those who raise a voice against their activities risk being labeled demons and other negative nomenclatures. Now that their bad deeds are being translated into lust, perhaps Ghanaians would have to consider taking a look at those young men whose prophetic pretensions are causing us much discomfort and anguish. Taking undue advantage of democracy to do what they are doing, calls for an inter-denominational dialogue, so that society can be spared further harm. It is amazing, as it is irritating, to hear the �Koforidua naked pastor� as the media have now labeled him, say he would continue to preach even after his jail sentence, assuming he is convicted and jailed. He sounds unremorseful, seeking to present his predicament as a form of spiritual test which real men of God underwent in the early days of Christianity. A word from the Christian Council of Ghana and the Catholic Conference would be most assuring, as it would save the orthodox congregations from the damaging effect of these lustful crooks.