Beth Model Agency Partners Ecobank To Organise Future Face Africa Scouting Competition For Models In Ghana

Beth Model Agency responsible for the ‘Future Face Africa’ model scouting contest in partnership with Ecobank offers a modelling opportunity for young Ghanaian models to succeed internationally in the model and fashion industry.

Head of the scouting team, Thompson Chijioke said that ‘Future Face Africa’ is about the search for the next supermodels with great faces from Africa to give them the platform to succeed internationally.

Explaining the concept to the media at the conference room of Ecobank Head Office, Mr Chijioke noted that this model search is across Africa even the agency is currently focusing on 8 African countries, namely Senegal, Cameroun, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Angola, Nigeria and Ghana

“This model search is not restricted to only Africa but we are currently focusing on Africa and so we have been to 8 countries now; Senegal, Cameroun, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Angola, Nigeria and Ghana is the final destination”, he explained.

Talking about Future Face Africa being the maiden edition for Beth Model Agency, Mr Thompson Chijioke said that their partnership with Ecobank comes with mutual benefit based on the fact that it is a pan Africa bank and as the model agency project the models in Africa, it carries the name of the bank along as well.

“Our partnership with Ecobank is sort of win-win situation because Ecobank is a Pan African Bank and what we are projecting is to get a talent across Africa. Ecobank is just the best bank for this project because it is operating across all these African countries”.

“This is a platform to engage the youth and give a new face to Ecobank but the bank is involved in the development of this youth. We are looking forward to seeing great faces in Ghana. We are looking forward to seeing strong faces as well as big models from Ghana”, he indicated.

He however disclosed that the ultimate winner of the modelling competition gets a top contract with international agencies and a tune of $5, 000; stressing that the contract will last for two years.

He noted that the model scouting competition is an open contest to other African countries without any limitation to those African countries they have visited.

“We obviously cannot go to every country because of the Covid-19 rules and a lot of restrictions for travelling and so we selected these 8 countries. We are getting applications from Ethiopia, Tanzania and other countries”, he set the record.

Meanwhile, at the end of the modelling scouting competition, five male models and 5 female models were selected by the modelling agency to reach the next stage of the competition.