Ade Coker: Response To False Publication

I have become aware of a spurious publication by that I have confided in close associates of my intention not to seek reelection as Regional Chairman of Greater Accra NDC. I want to put on record that I have not discussed my ambitions with anybody talk less about having them published in the media.

Greater Accra NDC delegates gave me a four-year mandate at the last Regional Conference to provide sterling leadership that would win majority votes and seats in the region in the 2020 Election. This four-year mandate has not expired even though I lead a team of Regional, Constituency and Branch Executives to win 20 out of the 34 seats in the region and over 1.3 million presidential votes.

My dream was to provide leadership that would return the NDC and H.E. John Mahama to power in 2020. This did not materialized as what happened in the last election was witnessed by all. The Party leadership, after the election, have been preoccupied with our reorganization agenda towards recapturing power in 2024.

As a Regional Chairman interested in building a formidable Party, I would be the last person to declare my intention for either reelection or otherwise when branch and Constituency Elections have not been conducted. I have always respected the structures of the Party and have equally stood against persons campaigning for positions instead of helping to strengthen the Party at the base first.

I urge all Party members and supporters to disregard the publication and treat it as a fabrication sponsored by desperados to drag me into their anti-Party conduct. I can assure those eager to know my next move in politics that I will surely make it known after I have assisted in reorganizing the Party. My decision to contest or otherwise should not be the ground on which others would bank their hopes for success or failure.

I am a friend of the media and have remained as such. I will always advocate for press freedom. What I will however not countenance is unethical journalism aimed at fulfilling a hatchet job. At this criucial moment in the life of our Party, every true Party member must be preoccupied with the reorganization agenda and not planting tales in the media.

Kobina Ade Coker
Regional Chairman
Greater Accra NDC