Kotoko Fans Warn Nana Agyeman

Fans of Kumasi Asante Kotoko are angry over comments recently passed about their team by Nana Agyeman of Metro TV. They therefore sternly warned Nana Agyeman to watch his utterances about Kotoko else they would take him on. The angry fans of Kotoko expressed their frustration about Nana Agyeman on several radio networks in Kumasi on Thursday and Friday. According to the fans, Nana Agyeman passed those foul comments when Kotoko played Heart of Lions in the FA Cup last Wednesday. Though the fans did not state what Nana Agyeman said exactly about their idol club, they said his attitude on the day was very bad. They alleged that Nana Agyeman is fond of making comments that ridicule Kotoko when he runs commentary on their matches. The Kotoko fans warned football commentators in general to desist from making remarks that seem to make a mockery of the club.