FDB Boss Channels State Funds Into Mills' Campaign?

FOOD AND Drugs Board Boss Dr. Stephen Opuni has been cited as one of the leading financiers of the President Mills’ extravagant campaign to retain his position as NDC flagbearer for the 2012 polls in the upcoming congress in Sunyani, a pressure group in Kumasi with affiliations to the NDC has alleged. The NDC Youth With Conviction of Principle (YWCP) also speculated that Dr. Opuni is supervising the evasion at the FBD where he is the boss and is diverting these state monies to the Mills campaign which is estimated to worth about GH ¢90 million. “NDC Youth With Conviction of Principle (YWCP) investigations reveal that there is a connection between the evasion of tariffs through the FDB and the GH ¢90m campaign funds projected by President Mills’ campaign team,” YWCP alleged. They added that “we found out that Dr. Stephen Opuni, the man at the helm of affairs at the FDB, a close associate of Ato Ahwoi who is ‘shadow president’ of Ghana is clearly aware and is part of these schemes to divert these funds for the Atta Mills campaign purpose in Ashanti where Dr. Stephen Opuni is facilitating the transfer of funds believed to be a part of the GH ¢90m budget.” New Crusading Guide Newspaper on May 25 published a front page story captioned ‘Secret Warehouse Uncovered! FDB Impounds Unregistered Food and Denies Harassing Owner’ In the story a man named only as Haissan was arrested by a combined team of personnel from the FDB, Ghana police service and the Ghana Revenue Authority for hauling large quantities of food and drugs into five secret warehouses in the country (some of the warehouses are in Kumasi) without paying the requisite tariffs and duties due government. NDC Youth With Conviction of Principle (YWCP) alleged “not long after his arrest, there are machinations to cover-up the case and get Mr. Haissan off the hook. The question many are asking is why officials of the FDB would be scheming to get this man off the hook of the law when he has openly and clearly committed an offense that requires him to face the law?” YWCP investigations also reveal that Dr. Stephen Opuni is afraid to be implicated when this Haissan man is held to answer, thus, his attempt to cover up with the help of his sponsors in the Mills team. “According to our sources, this company and many others have been donating their ‘tariffs and duties’ to the campaign funds of G.A.M.E. those whose thinking was that President Mills could not raise such amount of money for his campaign can now understand the subtle methods being employed by the G.A.M.E to by all means win a primary election in which Atta Mills is obviously trailing in real opinion polls.” NDC Youth With Conviction of Principle (YWCP) decried the use of “such illegal ways of acquiring campaign funds, especially when such funds are being used to corrupt our democratic process as a party.”