American Singer Ari Lennox Bullied For Touting Ghana As The Most Beautiful Place In The World

Popular American singer Ari Lennox has been bullied on social media after she described Ghana as the most beautiful place and her ancestral home.

The singer has since deleted all her posts in which she made the said declarations from Twitter.

The ‘Shea butter baby’ hitmaker who spent her Christmas holidays in Ghana and also graced the annual ‘Afrochella’ concert took to Twitter to share positive posts about the country.

Ari Lennox did not only describe Ghana as the most beautiful place in the world but also disclosed that her emotions were triggered when she realized Ghana was the place her ancestors were transported as slaves through the Caribbean to Europe and America.

This was after the singer who is currently signed unto Grammy award winner J. Cole’s record label was treated to a soothing tour of Elmina where she discovered she has ancestral roots.

"Yea Ghana is the most beautiful country in the world. Wow it's a rare and good feeling to consistently wake up with peace and happiness. I really owe that to Ghana. I'll never forget suddenly crying the first time going to a beach in Ghana. It was so triggering. And I didn’t feel alone. My heart ached/aches for my ancestors. Ghana is my ancestral home. It was a surreal experience.”

Her comments attracted severe backlash from some social media users who disagreed with her claims that Ghana is the most beautiful place in the world.

She was subjected to insults and attacks to an extent that Ari Lennox who appeared fed up deleted the comments.