In’t Junior Honors Society Awards: Galaxy, DPS International Schools Students Honored

Some students of Galaxy International School and DPS International School all located in Accra have been honored at the Annual International Junior Honors Society Awards ceremony held recently in East Legon, Accra.

The students were awarded medals from various competitions including but not limited to Thailand International Maths Olympiad (TIMO), DrCT Computational Thinking Contest, VANDA Science Competition and American Math Olympiad (AMO.

The students expressed their excitements after being honored by the prestigious awards ceremony in Accra. They were also grateful to their teachers who stood behind them through thick and thin to achieve such a milestone.

With the International Junior Honor Society offering students the opportunity to study in higher school of their choice both abroad and locally, the students were optimistic of securing a scholarship to their preferred school after being inducted into the society.

The International Junior Honor Society is supported by STS, and a prominent board of advisors. IJHS’s goal is to help its members get into top universities and win scholarships.

The Board of Advisors interview members and recommend the best candidate to apply for scholarships at top schools.

The selected students engaged in lots of leadership roles by making huge contributions to their local and global communities.

One can be inducted to the IJHS after winning a combination of three significant awards which is the criteria for induction into IJHS from the 2021 academic year.

How to get inducted

1. Win gold awards and above from SIMCC international local competitions

2. Win Distinction and above from ICAS competitions managed by SIMCC (only 1 subject will be considered)

3. Win Individual Silver award and above from SIMCC Global Finals.

Membership is open to all students from Grades 2 and above. Teachers will also be invited to join as members to help mentor students.