Stop The Stage Craft Antics And Undemocratic Intimidation Of Party Members


Good morning Ladies And Gentlemen of the press. We welcome you all to this programme, and we deeply appreciate your professional contribution to the development of our people, party and country.


The purpose of today’s press engagement is to draw the attention of the leadership of our great political tradition, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to a very dangerous trend of breach and abuse of the Code of Conduct issued by the National Council of the NPP in the middle of 2021.

This presser is again purposed to show solidarity with our northern brothers who have been unduly suspended as executives and, in the case of one, stripped of his official role as party communicator for discussing one of H.E. Nana Addo’s enviable achievements- One District, One Factory which could serve as a campaign message for any of the potential aspirants who emerges as the winner to represent the New Patriotic Party running into the 2024 General Elections.

We are firm in our conviction that, the clear breach of the Code of Conduct with impunity by notable supporters of our Vice President and the unfair vilification of supporters of the Minister for Trade and Industry (Hon. Alan Kyerematen) will heavily hurt party unity and our resolve to break the 8 come election 2024. We therefore call on the National Council of the NPP to as a matter of urgency address these issues in a proper manner as natural justice demands.


On the 27th July, 2021, the National Council of our party through the Steering committee of our Great party which was signed by BUABENG ASAMOAH issued a Code of Conduct for both Presidential and Parliamentary primaries for the 2024 general elections.

The said statement stipulated in plain words the procedure for handling suspected breach of the code of conduct with respect to the presidential primaries are as follows;

1. That report be made to the National Complaints Committee as set by the National Council.

2. That the National Complaints Committee shall investigate and establish prima facie basis.

3. That if the National Complaints Committee is so satisfied that there is a prima facie basis; it will then refer the matter to the NPP National Disciplinary Committee for action to be taken in accordance with the constitution of the party.

However, as disappointing as it may sound, the three (3) people, namely; Abdul Rahman Dauda, Kaleem and Mustapha who have been punished by way of suspension for allegedly supporting Hon. Alan Kyerematen were never taken through the above stipulated procedures as issued by the party on July 27, 2021.


To the astonishment of the party grassroots, Alhaji Mohammed Baantima Samba, Hon. Habib Iddrisu, Hon. Farouk Mahama, Hon. Amin Antah and Lawyer Nana Obiri Boahen have all breached the party’s code of conduct with impunity but the party’s top hierarchy has kept mute. That we find so worrying and raising much suspicions going forward.

Abundant evidence available gives a clear verdict that the party’s application of the code of conduct issued by the National Council has proven beyond reasonable doubt to be selective and abusive.


As Patriots in Ashanti, we condemn the STAGE CRAFT exhibited during the National Delegates Conference as well as same during the Adae Kese- our pride festivity. Shame unto the ACTORS for such unpatriotic and undemocratic move.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are calling on all the Ashanti Regional MP Caucus who stoop so low to be used for the stage craft leading to breach in State Protocol whiles H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo had already taken his seat; to as a matter of urgency, render an unqualified apology to the whole of Asanteman and Ghanaians at large for such an impunity.

One thing the Actors of the Stage Crafts have forgotten to realize is that, they can force a horse to the riverside; but cannot force it to drink. They can manipulate their ways to impose a flagbearer on us but cannot force us to vote for their choice in the 2024 General Elections because they cannot enter the Voting Booths with us.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2020 General elections left with us some bitter lessons we thought could have served as a guiding principle for the party not to undermine complaints from the grassroots. However, the very issues raised by the grassroots that the Party Executives pretended not to have heard in 2020; leading to the current historic Parliament is the same thing some group of desperate power seekers had started. That will provoke anger and when that happens, it will not auger well for the party.

The Ashanti MP Caucus should take a clue from the Hanged-Parliament because when they impose anybody on us, we shall reject the person through democratic means supervised by the Electoral Commission of Ghana come December, 2024.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we in the NPP always pride ourselves as the holders of democracy but for some time now, most of the members had become strangers in their own party.
We are poised to save our dear party and put it back on track.


On that note, we are challenging the General Secretary to sit up and apply the Code of Conduct to everyone on equal grounds because most of the breaches occurred right in front of him.

In any way that he, Mr. John Boadu, thinks that he is tired in executing his duties (that we believe is the case), we will welcome and celebrate his resignation letter when he tenders in.

We believe that he has done his best and we have all seen his performance for the past years and so his resignation will not affect the party at all because we have more competent people in the party who can act in that same capacity (as we always boost of that 'WE HAVE THE MEN') till the next election to elect new National Officers for our great party.

Long live the NPP
Long live Asanteman
Long live all true Patriots
Long live Ghana

Osei Gyamfi, Convenor.