Nima-Mamobi Youth Clash: Let’s Fight Poverty And Illiteracy, Not Ourselves – Nafis Quaye

A youth activist and President of World Youth Opportunity (WYO), Nafis Quaye has bemoaned the misdirection of the energies of the youth in unproductive and destructive endeavours.
Mr Quaye, reacting to Tuesday's violent collision between two youth groups from the Nima and Mamobi communities, condemned the despicable acts of the youth, describing it as “unproductive and destructive.”

“We are at a stage where the pace of development is running faster than we have thought due to technological innovation, therefore the least we could do is to apply ourselves to improving upon our skills so we take due advantage of the opportunities available. Guns and matchets have no role in the scheme of things in this modern times.”

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Rival groups in Nima and Mamobi communities, on Tuesday [January 18, 2022], clashed holding machetes and guns and shooting indiscriminately

The police indicated some innocent bystanders were injured and are receiving medical attention.

The existence of these groups have been known to the security agencies, as well as opinion leaders in the respective communities.

Past disturbances have led to similar consequences, a situation that serves as an enabler for future violent act.

But Mr Quaye is calling on all stakeholders to continually engage and ensure the procurement of lasting solutions to this societal cancer.

“Deliberate and undivided attention must be devoted to the solution of this matter. It must not be the usual fire-fighting this time round”, Mr Quaye advised.

The WYO is an NGO working at creating opportunities for the youth through digital, technical and vocational skills training as well as exchange and volunteer programmes, with the ultimate goal of making them employable, both through entrepreneurship and for corporate environments.

WYO Ghana is a sister organization of WYO Inc in the USA.