It Was A Taboo To Laugh On Radio - Tommy Annan Forson

The veteran broadcaster Tommy Annan Forson has said broadcasting has gone through a great deal of transformation.

“There’s a huge difference between broadcasting then and now,” Forson said on Asaase Radio. “We have so much more information now as compared to those days when everything was like mechanical.”

Speaking in an interview with Naa Ashorkoron Tuesday (22 March), Uncle Tommy, as he is affectionately called, said “there were things that you were not allowed to say, like making sure you don’t crack a joke on air, no matter what happens you don’t laugh on air.”

Forson said today’s radio space allows on-air personalities to say whatever they want as long as it resonates with them.

He added that laughter started on radio when he decided to be different.

“I told my then boss I want to be Tommy Annan Forson. I want to make a difference, I want to be someone who stands out from that straitjacket kind of thing.”