Ramadan Fasting Starts Saturday

This year’s annual Ramadan fasting could start on Saturday April 2 or April 3, 2022 depending upon the sighting of the crescent.

The National Mosque therefore organised a pre-Ramadan activity as a way of psyching Moslems for the 29 or 30 day annual spiritual ritual.

The activity attracted personalities from various walks of life to the grounds of the National Mosque.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Administrative Manager of National Mosque, Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Issaka said the ceremony was to usher in Ramadan in a more meaningful way than it used to be.

“Ramadan is the period where almost everybody decides that this is time for me to go back to the essence of life. And that I was brought into this world for a purpose and will return to my Maker and account for how I led my life,” Alhaji Issaka explained.

He added, “So the basic tenets of what we are embarking on today is to bring all families together to appreciate the essence of togetherness and that, Ramadan is for the Ummah as a whole and for the kids to be aware that we are looking out for their future.”

On his part, Dr. Mohammed Marzuk Azindo, Personal Assistant to the National Chief Imam appealed to Muslims, especially the youth, to strategically position themselves to welcome Ramadan and to renew their faith with Almighty Allah and continue to keep their renewed faith before, during and after Ramadan.

“Let us throw away the mentality that in the month of Ramadan, we should showcase all kinds of good and just after that we go back to our bad habits,” Dr. Marzuk advised.

Pupils of Jil Al-Qur’an, Madina Islamic School and other selected participants from Nima-Mamobi entertained guests to drama, songs, poems, and Qur’anic recitations.