La Carte Launches Its Premium Sanitary Pad, ‘Ohhema’

La Carte has launched a new sanitary pad brand known as the ‘The Ohhema sanitary pad’.

The brand, as its name suggests, is keen on making all women have the ideal lady treatment, by making them confident while providing them safety and comfort during menstruation.

Affordability and Health Benefits

The Ohhema sanitary pad brand is not only affordable but guards jealously against leakage because it’s made with highly sourced cotton and a silky dry top sheet that makes it easy for super absorption. This makes the brand preferred for both light and heavy flows.

No matter one's line of activities during menstruation, be it sports, schooling, an event, or catching up with friends, the Ohhema sanitary pads can be trusted whenever, wherever.

Apart from making women feel comfortable even in those moments of discomfort, Ohhema sanitary pads also come with two free panty liners. This could come in handy during light flows, at the start or getting to the end of one's flow cycle. They are also useful during ovulation to prevent droplets or stains and also help improve the health of the female genital organ.

Ohhema sanitary pads are resilient and do not tear under pressure during heavy flow. The pad comes in a 290 MM size that covers from end to end, making no room for leakage.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ohhema Sanitary pad is not only serving the menstrual hygiene need of women but also aim to partner with well-meaning female empowerment organizations to drive home upbeat education on menstruation and to also provide support for women.

According to a New York Times study, 58 percent of women have felt a sense of embarrassment simply because they were in their period while 42 percent have experienced period-shaming.

The above anomaly is a happenstance Ohhema sanitary pad aims at curbing in the short term and eradicating completely in the long term. As such, the brand is shoring up resources to provide help in four thematic areas with some initiatives.

These include; intimate moments on the socials', Learn with Ohhema, Door-to-door delivery, and the Ohhema Ladies Club.

The ‘intimate moments on the socials’ initiative will provide an opportunity for women to engage professionals on menstrual hygiene-related topics and get value-loaded answers that will go a long to help them live a healthy life, before, during, and post menstruation.

As an add-on to provide more resilience, the 'learn with Ohhema' initiative will provide a platform where girls and women will be given practical lessons on how to deal with menstrual shame and to make them become very confident as the initiative also sensitizes the public to curb the shaming of women during menstruation.

To make life very comfortable in an instance where a lady is greeted with a surprise or unplanned menstruation or runs out of pads, the Ohhema door-to-door delivery service will be readily available to assist women and girls by delivering high-quality pads to them at their location. With this initiative, women and girls need not worry anymore as Ohhema has got them covered.

Lastly, the Ohhema Ladies Club will not only offer support for women and provide a platform where women can talk about anything girly, but would also be a platform where young women meet with other women doing well in their fields of endeavor to network and help each other achieve their goals.

The brand is open and ready to strike partnerships with female organizations to help empower women and to create a sustainable and valuable network that will help them not only to overcome issues surrounding menstruation or menstrual hygiene but to help them with their professional /corporate journeys.