#Fixthesickmortuaries: There Is A Ploy To Victimize Us – Mortuary Workers Lament

The Mortuary Workers’ Association of Ghana says they are now a target of victimization after the exposé by GHOne TV on the deplorable condition of the Korle-Bu Mortuary in Accra.

In the report, reporter Godwin Asediba filmed and exposed the bad working conditions of workers and the terrible conditions of the morgue for Ghana’s premier hospital.

“It tells you that the safety of the workers is not a priority of any leader or for that matter any facility in this country. It’s just too appalling. You cannot have a situation where the mortuary is fetching so much every day and then you leave it to this level.

“And instead of bowing your head in shame you are targeting individuals and blaming them for exposing whatever it is. Look, some people’s heads must roll, I think we are not serious,” the General Secretary for Mortuary Workers’ Association of Ghana, Richard Kofi Jordan told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

He continued “I know and we are waiting patiently and to see any form of victimization we will ask some people to move from their position because they don’t deserve to be there.”

He said the prudent thing authorities should do is to apologize to Ghanaians for failing to do what is expected of them and not planning to victimize workers.

“You will target people now and say why you did this. Look, we have passed that level and the culture of silence will have died off. We have to expose those who are behind our mess and we will not continue this way.

“Mortuary workers have endured too much or a mess for a long time and with God, we have to begin to protect them,” he added.