Ghana Is Fast Becoming A ‘Fertile Ground’ For Terrorists - Bombande

Senior United Nations (UN) Mediation Advisor, Emmanuel Bombande has said Ghana should be worried it has been listed as one of the countries exposed to threats of terrorism.

According to him, Ghana is fast becoming a fertile ground for these terrorists.

“I think we should be worried, we should, in the sense that the strategy of extremists and terrorist groups is to insert themselves in your vulnerability,” quoted Mr Bombande.

Emmanuel Bombande was speaking at the back of a recent report by West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism (WACCE) indicating that Ghana is prone to terrorist attacks.

According to the Centre, irrespective of the fact that Ghana has managed terrorism threats for some time, “yet Ghana has been so close to terrorism.”

Further speaking on the issue, Emmanuel Bombande said terrorists do strike when there is a perceived marginalization or injustice.

“They strike based on perceived marginalization or perceived injustice of one party to the other. The vulnerabilities cited in the report are clear examples of how such groups usurp themselves.”

He said some of the contributing factors some people engage in terrorism is the fact that some young people are getting tired of the inability of leaders to create jobs and make meaningful impacts in the country.

“If we are to look at it in terms of the recruiting grounds for people who engage in terrorism, we will see how this is spreading more widely than 5 years ago. Part of that reason is the growing impoverishment of countries. Young people are getting tired of voting for leaders who are unable to create jobs for them and make a meaningful impact. All these are contributing to the environment of extremists.” He said.