I Have Only Been With One Man All My Life- Stephanie Benson Shockingly Reveals

UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer, Stephanie Benson has made a shocking revelation about her sexual life that has left fans agape.

The singer posted very wild photos of her wearing a strap on Twitter on Wednesday, May 18 and the reactions on the photo led to some revelations.

In one of the comments on the photo, a user by the name Kay wanted to know about Stephanie’s other sexual partners before she met her husband John.
“I really envy whoever had opportunity to bang Stephanie Benson in her youthful days. Menopause freakiness mpo nie Na ovulation hormones freakiness my goodness,” Kay wrote.

Stephanie’s response to Kay’s tweet left fans in shock and disbelieve.
“Kay, I have only been with one man all my life and I’m married to him 34 yrs oh. No one ever had the chance. Women can be freaky, sexually liberated, free and faithful,” Stephanie responded.

Fans are finding it hard to believe Stephanie’s revelation. This is because the singer’s expertise on sex and romance leaves one believing that she has had extensive exploration on the subject.

However, Mr’s Benson wants fans to know that women can explore sex in many forms with just one partner.

Stephanie and her husband, John Benson have been married 34 years. The two share a very beautiful and romantic relationship that has produced five children.


https://twitter.com/StephanieBLive/status/1527047503383863297 (Copy and paste link in browser to see photos if interested - Twitter)