Pantang Residents Burnt Down Trasacco Excavator Over Illegal Demolition

Residents of Pantang have caused the arrest of some workers of Trasacco for unlawfully entering their lands to carry out a demolition exercise.

William Kwasi Amekor, according to information, entered into the land without an entry judgement or a Court order.
He has also entered the lands without a Writ of Possession and was not accompanied by any Court Bailiff.

However, William Kwasi Amekor who was working on orders of Ernesto Tarricone allegedly stormed the properties of residents in the company of hired men from Kasoa who posed as Court officials to execute supposed Court Orders.

Meanwhile, it is on record that the Supreme Court has stated in its ruling over the said property that the Court of Appeal did not make any executable orders for Trasaco to enter the resident's premises, hence his recent action was contrary to the orders of the Court.

In view of all the available Court documents and judgements from the Courts, residents of Pantang stopped Trasaco who was in their premises to illegally demolish their properties and take over the lands.

Angry residents who said they have endured the conduct of Trasaco on their lands, burnt down an excavator that was brought for the demolition and alerted the police who acted swiftly in restoring order by arresting William Kwasi Amekor.

Speaking to some residents, they expressed great dissatisfaction at the manner in which Ernesto Tarricone is terrorising them over their legally acquired lands and indicated that, the time has come for the laws to take effect and ensure that people such as Ernesto Tarricone do not take undue advantage of the vulnerability of poor property owners.