Enterprise Computing Ltd. Engages Media Personalities On Their Brands

Enterprise Computing Limited has engaged some media personalities in the country to educate them in their business field to assist businesses to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world where technology has disrupted several business models. 

Enterprise Computing Limited is an African IT solutions company, headquartered in Ghana with a subsidiary in Liberia. They have developed game-changing, easy-to-implement solutions that use IT to improve business performance.

Yvonne Acheampong, Head of Marketing and Communications for Enterprise Computing Limited in an engagement with the media at a breakfast meeting said they want people to know who they are, what we can do, and what we believe in – as a forward-thinking African IT firm that is more than capable of producing world-class solutions!

She added that the media is the mouthpiece of the country and there is a need to engage them on the need for their needed products and brands interns of ICT in the country across the globe.

She said ECL represents addressing the industry perceptions about the brand, reducing brand confusion, and building brand consistency. In effect, it means updating processes and creating new collateral and assets.

Enterprise Computing Limited consults on and provides business-impacting solutions such as Business Process Automation, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Backup & Recovery, Archival & Retention, among other tailor-made business solutions.