Doctor Jailed For Secretly Filming Women Having S3x With A Camera Hidden In A Toothbrush

A porn addict doctor who was jailed for secretly filming women having sex and taking showers through a tiny camera hidden in a toothbrush has been struck off the medical register. 

Dr Vinesh Godhania, from Norwich, accessed pornographic and other sexually explicit websites more than 19,400 times over an 11-month period between January and November 2020.Evidence also found he hacked into victims' iCloud-based accounts to steal intimate and sexual images to trade and post online.

The victims included a patient filmed at Basildon Hospital and a further 17 people using bathrooms and toilets at his homes, while Dr Godhania also stole data from the iCloud accounts of more than 100 individuals - including 23 colleagues.

He 'purchases technological equipment' and used a small camera hidden in an electronic toothbrush in a bathroom to film housemates and visitors to his home in Essex.

The offences spanned his entire medical career from 2012, when he was still a medical student, through to 2020.