Where Is The Ofori Atta – Minority 'Makes Noise' As Mid-Year Budget Review Delays

Members on the minority side in parliament are asking where the finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta is following his delay in parliament for the presentation of the Mid-Year Budget Review.

According to them, the budget presentation which was rescheduled from 10am to 1pm in parliament has still been delayed as a result of the absence of the finance minister.

This was after the Deputy Majority Leader arose to request for the presentation of a statement at 1pm - the time designated for the arrival of the finance minister.

The minority side then objected, raising concerns about the delay considering there are other motions including the censure motion filed by their side for the removal of Mr. Ofori-Atta as finance minister.

Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, on his part indicated that if the minister was unprepared to appear, the majority side should have made it clear so that sitting moves on.

"There are other notions to be considered....Where is the finance minister? why has he not been able to present the budget? if he has no budget to submit, tell us and let's adjourn and go," Ahmed Ibrahim said.