Chad National Dialogue Suspended Over Representation Row

Chad’s national dialogue has been suspended after some stakeholders rejected the composition of the steering committee, pro-government website Alwihda reports.

The proposed steering committee was rejected by a section of delegates, who felt that the “names were not reflective of the country’s fabric”.

"Anger immediately spread in the meeting room after former Prime Minister Guelengdouksia Ouaidou read out the proposed list of names," the report said.

The disagreement forced the chairperson of the Organising Committee for the Inclusive National Dialogue (CODNI), Acheikh Ibni Oumar, to suspend the session at the Palace of Arts and Culture until Tuesday.

According to the proposed list, Gali Ngote Gata was named as president of the committee, Abrahim Breme as first vice-president and Mahamat Allahou Taher as second vice-president.

The national dialogue kicked off on 20 August following the signing, in Doha, of a broad-based agreement between President Mahamat Idris Deby and dozens of politico-military groups.