Why I’m Often Misunderstood By People – Burna Boy

Grammy award winner, Damini Ogulu popularly known as Burna Boy, has said he is grossly misunderstood by people and uses his music to give his people a better view of who he is.

Speaking in a recent interview with a British magazine ‘Dazed’, the 31-year-old singer said a lot of people don’t understand him because he has never given the public a chance to know and understand his personality.

The self-styled ‘African Giant’, who leads a quiet life and majorly shares things about his career and performance on local and global stages, said he tried to use his latest album ‘Love, Damini’ to give people a glimpse into his life.

He said, “I tend to be misunderstood and the reason is that I have never really given anyone a chance to know who I am, and that’s what I tried to do.”

“I tried to use this album to allow people to get closer to me.”

“My music will be here long after I’m gone, even after my children’s children. It’s a stamp in time for those who have a reality like mine,” he said.

Speaking further, Burna Boy added, “Whatever I say, even if it’s the truth, you guys will spin it.”