Meteo Predicts Intense Dry Conditions In Coming Days

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) has predicted intense dry conditions in the coming days and weeks.
“From December 2022 to February 2023, the number of dry weather conditions, cloudless skies, and hot days across most part of the country will gradually increase,” the agency stated in its 2022/2023 dry harmattan season advisory dated November 24, 2022 and signed by the Acting Director- General of the agency Eric Assuman.

The agency, however, indicated that there could still be occasional periods of moisture influx that could result into one or two rainy days, especially for the coastal towns and cities.

It explained that, generally, the suspension of minute dust particles and aerosols would dominate the atmosphere during the season.

“Relatively cool nights and mornings are anticipated for the Northern and Transition Zones of Ghana.

Poor visibility values will range between less than one km and approximately five km due to advection of dust particles from the dust source region”, it added.

It said most place in the southern to transition belt of the country including inland water areas: lakes, rivers, ponds and streams will experience a prevalence of early morning mist and fog patches.

“During this period, dry and hazy weather conditions with varying intensities are expected over most parts of the country with increase in hotspot activities in the fire-prone areas of the country”, it explained further, adding that relative humidity values are expected to range between 15 per cent and 70 per cent.

The statement therefore advised the public to handle naked fire cautiously, especially palm wine tappers, cigarette smokers and hunter.

It also asked the public to keep hydrated by taking in enough water, avoid cracked skin by moisturising one’s body and providing warm clothing for children during the night and dawn hours.

The statment urged the public to contact the Director of Synoptic Meteorology and Forecasting Joseph Tetteh Portuphy or Papa Nii Cleg, Head of Public Relation Unit or Felicity Ahafianyo head of the Central Analysis & Forecasting office on +233-303-965-563 or +233-(0) 55-353-8292 for attention.

Northern regions, precautions

The statement also advised people living in the five northern regions as well as part of the Oti, Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions to follow precautions.

These include; handling naked fire cautiously especially palm wine tappers, cigarette smokers and hunters; keeping hydrated by taking in enough water; avoiding cracked skin by moisturizing their bodies; and the wearing of warm clothing for kids during the night and dawn hours.

The statement also said dry north-easterly winds from northern Africa had advected into the northern portions of the country over the past few days.

That, it said, had contributed to mostly clear skies, sunny, and dry weather conditions over the North East, Upper East, Upper West, and Savannah regions causing reduction in rainfall activities over southern Ghana.

“With reference to the 2022 seasonal forecast issued earlier in the year and based on continued surveillance and analysis of global and national forecast model charts by the GMET Seasonal Forecast Desk and the Central Analysis and Forecasting Office (CAFO), the unimodal2022 rainy season for Northern Ghana has ended and the 2022-2023 dry (harmattan) season is in force at its initial stage,” the statement noted.

It, therefore, assured the public of regular daily and weekly weather updates would be made available to the general public becau