A ‘Can-Do’ Veep – List Of Transformational Policies Championed By Dr Bawumia That Sets Him Apart From All Predecessors

Ghana’s Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has completely transformed the role of the Vice President, establishing himself as the most transformational holder of his position in the history of Ghana’s democratic dispensation.

Whilst many Veeps have come and gone without affecting any change from the position, Dr Bawumia has completely ushered in a new era of the can-do Veep – spearheading multiple transformational government projects that clearly have his stamp.

The result is a track record of achievement for the current Vice President that no Vice President – and even many Presidents – in the history of Ghana would struggle to match.

This stunning impact from the Veep has not gone unnoticed, with many political pundits and strategists remarking on how uncommon it is for a Vice President to wield such power and influence.

In a recent op-ed, a United States-based Ghanaian political consultant, Dr Ekow Acquah, noted how Bawumia is a rare political unicorn in being an impactful Vice President, not just in Ghana but in the entire world.

“Even in the United States, which is widely considered the world’s most advanced democracy, the role of a Vice President, as defined by the American Constitution, is extremely limited.,” Dr Acquah wrote.

Meanwhile, he added, Vice Presidents in the 4th Republic have played “limited roles…largely as a result of their limited and undefined roles by the 1992 Constitution,”

Dr Acquah continued: “Unlike his predecessors, who limited themselves to their constitutional roles, and merely acted as representatives of the President at meetings and festivals, Dr. Bawumia has made the position more relevant through his foresight and spearheaded many transformational policies, which have not only endeared the NPP Government to the public, but are also making meaningful impacts and transformation on the Ghanaian people,” 

Whilst Bawumia has a calling card – digitisation is his bread and butter – the Vice President’s achievements are broad-based, spanning multiple sectors and impacting all.

Transformational Policies, Services and Projects Championed By Dr. Bawumia

In his brilliant op-ed titled, ‘Dr Mahamudu Bawumia: The most effective Vice President in Ghana’s History’, the aforementioned Dr Acquah provides a list of Dr Bawumia’s most impressive achievements as a Vice President.

They include….

*Zipline Drones for delivery of medical supplies (Omenako, Mpanya, Vobsi, Sefwi Wiawso, Anum, and Kete Krachi), which has made Ghana the country with the the largest medical drone delivery service in the world!

*Mobile Money Interoperability between bank accounts and mobile wallets – first in Africa. This has made Ghana rank first in Africa in terms of access to financial inclusion.

• Zongo Development Fund – a development vehicle for inclusive Zongo development.

• Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) – a stop-gap measure to respond to increasing graduate unemployment, and also to offer young graduates work experience.

• One Constituency One Ambulance, the policy which provided all 275 constituencies with brand new ambulances.

• Agenda 111 – the construction of district hospitals in districts without district hospitals.

• Digitization of National Identity Card (Ghanacard), which is building a strong national identity system

– Universal QR Code payment system- Ghana is the first and only country in Africa to implement this

– GhanaPay mobile wallet by banks- Ghana is the first country in the world to implement this.

o National Digital Property – Address System -First in Africa

o Paperless Ports, which has increased efficiency and revenue mobilisation.

o The Ghanacard as a travel document to travel to Ghana

*No Guarantor student loans

*Online Passport Application

*National E-Pharmacy Platform. Ghana is the first country in Africa to implement a national scale digital e-pharmacy platform.

o E-Ticketing at Football Stadia

o Ghana.Gov Platform for the delivery of Government services

* Bank of Ghana Gold Purchase Program

* exchange of Gold for oil imports program – a transformational policy which will impact on prices of oil products, foreign exchange reserves and the depreciation of the exchange rate.

*Also proposed Sinohydro barter agreement for infrastructure development. This has resulted in the following;
o Kumasi Innercity Roads (100km)
o Sunyani Innercity Roads
o Prestea Innercity Roads
o Nyinahin Roads
o Jasikan-Dodopepesu
o Tamale Interchange
o Takoradi Point 7 interchange
o Cape Coast Innercity roads

This a resume a President should be proud of. For a Vice President, it is an unprecedented sign of competence and efficiency.

As the world and consequently Ghana reels from massive shocks caused by the unprecedented conditions of the past couple of years, bold and visionary leaders find new ways to create an impact and Bawumia is doing just that in Ghana.

Little wonder then that he was recently adjudged one of the 100 most influential leaders in Africa. As a Vice President, he achieved that honour, rubbing shoulders with celebrated African Presidents such as William Ruto of Kenya and Macky Sall of Senegal.

That, on its own, demonstrates the rarity of Bawumia’s exceptional leadership.