Use Your Time To Increase Productivity When You Get Jobs- GJA Boss Advises Graduates

The President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Albert Dwumfour, has urged graduates of tertiary institutions to use their time effectively to increase productivity.

“As we all strive for excellence in our respective fields, we must be very deliberate and pragmatic in all of our endeavors. Yes, this is crucial as you prepare for the oversaturated job market, which necessitates specialized skills and traits for survival. This means you must be willing to be unique”

Mr. Dwumfour was speaking on the theme: “Pragmatism, Productivity, and Progress: Keys to Personal and Professional Development” at the Graduation Ceremony of GH Schools last Saturday.

“As recent graduates who are preparing for the job market (i.e., in fact, you are the newest graduates in town), it is crucial that you use your time effectively to increase productivity, especially during these economically difficult times. In many workplaces in our region, productivity is extremely low because employees pretend to work when they are not doing so. They devote so much time to social media that they forget that time lost is time wasted,” Mr. Dwumfour added.

“Therefore, I would recommend that we all utilize our time wisely to increase productivity at our respective workplaces. When this occurs, we can negotiate with our employers for a higher salary,” he said.

Mr. Dwumfour praised the  Rector and CEO  of GH Schools, Leslie Listowel, and his diligent management for their significant contributions to the nation’s education development and more importantly to the growth of the media.

“GH Schools has shaped and fostered talent over the years, and they deserve praise for this,” Mr. Dwumfour added.

He further commended GH schools for consistently delivering quality products to the marketplace adding  “As a former Managing Director of  Atinka Media Village, which consists of Atinka TV, Atinka FM, Atinkaonline, Agyekwa FM in Kumasi, and Ahoto FM in Takoradi, I can attest that interns from GH Schools consistently outperformed expectations, and some were eventually hired”.

“I am also confident that the current crop of graduates will excel wherever they find themselves on the job market because GH schools offer quality and affordable tuition,” he said.