Keep Labouring For The Lord – Agyinasare Offers Public Support For Alpha Hour Pastor

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the leader of the Perez Chapel International has sent words of encouragement to Pastor Elvis Agyemang, the leader of the popular online prayer brigade, Alpha Hour.

Agyinasare in a message shared on his various social media handles commended Elvis Agyemang for staging a successful end-of-year prayer event at the El-Wak Stadium.

He said that he has taken notice of the backlash on social media over a viral picture of offering money being counted but encouraged Pastor Agyemang not to be affected by the vile attacks.

Charles Agyinasare reckons that the attacks on Pastor Agyemang are machinations of the devil as it is being haunted by the good works of Alpha Hour.

“This past week has been a challenging one for you on social media about your ministry but I want you to know that it’s because you poked the devil’s eye. Your 31st night was awesome and the devil is mad so had to stir things and bring up all kinds of allegations against you.

“He is accuser of the brethren but I want you encourage you that there is the advocate for us. The devil is accusing you but the advocate is saying that I got you covered. It is not wrong to have money. The program you held was a huge one and it cost a lot of money. Many people came and it wasn’t wrong if people gave to help pay off the debt. As an individual I want to encourage you not to put off and as a church I want to encourage you not to be affected.

“It shouldn’t affect your giving and what you do for the Lord. The Bible tells us our labouring for the Lord will not be in vain. Keep on labouring for the Lord. Keep focusing and make the impact that God has destined you to to make in your generation. I’m praying for you and the church,” he said.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare is the latest to show public support for Pastor Elvis Agyemang over the recent attacks.

Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster International Ministry also lashed out the critics and posed certain questions to them.

During a sermon at his church on Sunday, January 22, 2023, Prophet Oduro said that rather than focusing on the wealth of the church, Ghanaians should focus on holding the government accountable for how it uses the country's resources, including their taxes.

“Nobody says anything when the government places a desk at Kotoka Airport and takes $100 from every passenger that arrives at Kotoka. Nobody asked the government, where did that money go? And how much was raised?

“So far, we have not asked the government for the amount raised from the E-Levy. We have not asked that. I was watching the Public Account Committee hearing, and the monies that were supposed to be retrieved since 2020 have not been retrieved; nobody has asked that.

“We have not asked the Chief of Staff how many Land Cruisers she has imported to this nation for the past 2 years; we have not asked that. We have not asked how much it cost Akufo-Addo’s convoy to travel in a month we have not asked that,” he said.