Foreign Affairs Ministry Explains Why GH¢1.4m Contract Was Re-awarded To Same Contractor For GH¢7.9m

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has in a statement justified its decision to spend about GH¢7.9 million on a project that was expected to cost about GH¢1.4 million in 2007.

Appearing the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament, on Friday, January 20, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the project that was initially supposed to cost the government GH¢1,435,728.99 was executed at GH¢7,967,886.57 because the contractor did not execute on time due to ill health.

The contract for the rehabilitation of Adu Lodge Guest House was awarded to International Development Resources on March 15, 2007.

But according to the Acting Chief Director of the Ministry, Ambassador Ramses Joseph Cleland, the project came to a grind a year later due to the ill health of the contractor.

The Ministry said the project was revisited in March 2019 and upon the request of the consultant, was re-valued to GH¢7,967,886.57 for the same contractor to execute.

Read Below the full statement by the Foreign Affairs Ministry