‘I Cried, But Kept Shooting,’ Funke Akindele Recounts Filming ‘Battle On Buka Street’

Nollywood actress and director Funke Akindele has revealed how a personal difficulty almost interfered with filming ‘Battle on Buka Street.’

Despite the fact that it was her final day on the set and potentially the happiest day of her career, Funke felt it was actually the most miserable.

According to her, a personal matter made her cry, which almost made her stop the shooting before she summoned the guts to carry it out.

She said, “The major challenge while shooting Battle on Buka street was the famous market scene, a scene I filmed when I was very sad. It was one of my saddest days on earth, something very personal happened, I broke down heavily and I couldn’t film and I told myself, Funke, challenges will come…

“So I braced up, summoned up courage and filmed the scene, I went and fought Mercy, I came back and I was panting, I was tired because I had cried before but we had to just keep shooting and I had started well and needed to end it well too and it was the last day on set.

“Later we still ran, we still had to shout and I still went ahead to pray with the crew and destroy Bukka Street. So, whatever you do, challenges will come, always pray for strength to keep it on cos it won’t always be easy.”

Captioning the video with motivating words she said, “No matter how much one gets beaten down in life, one must always stay strong because like the quote above says, we become the most vulnerable when we cower in fear.

“When we give in to our sadness, it means we have allowed our weakness to overtake us and nothing can be achieved in life with this type of attitude.

-Never be afraid to make mistakes.

-Never stay down when you fall; make sure you rise and keep moving.

-Never be intimidated!

-Always believe in yourself and give no room for doubt.”

Akindele’s ‘Battle on Bukka Street’ has gone ahead to break a number of records as it makes its way to being one of the highest-grossing Nigerian films of all time.