Redfall Receives Official Release Date

The vampire shooter by Arkane Studios has finally received a release date that many fans have been clamoring for. The title was announced to release on May 2, 2023 during a Xbox Developer Direct conference.

When announced in 2001, the game had a few delays to the process of its general release, but it seems we will finally get the chance at hunting vampires like I always dreamed about ever since watching “The Lost Boys”. Perhaps that is a partial inspiration for the game, as Santa Carla in “The Lost Boys” takes place in a city with the highest population of vampires that the citizens have ever seen.

However, in this game, vampires come from a scientific project gone wrong, as one to four players run through the city of Redfall, in search of the best way to eliminate the vampire community that takes a hold on the town. Gamers will be heading to Redfall sooner than later, as it is poised to release in the first half of the year. Until then, what can you look forward to? Here is some information about the cooperative mode.

Players can go online with friends to explore the threats of Redfall, picking from four different characters to choose from and two newer characters if the deluxe edition is bought. The Cryptozoologist, Devinder Crousley, is a man of science who has made it his life's work to figure out information on all cryptids, including the vampires that inhabit Redfall. Once he moved to Redfall, it was in the middle of the vampire infestation, hence making his work of creating traps much easier than before.

The Telekenetic, Layla Ellison, has quite the backstory. While going to school as a student at Redfall University, she decided to volunteer herself for a new experiment with Aevum Therapeutics, being a biology major and all. Unfortunately, this experiment didn’t go as planned and now Layla can make, move, or destroy stuff with her mind.

The Combat Engineer, Remi De La Rosa, has seen battles as often as ever, being plunged into the midst of a vampire takeover out of all things. She has a robot friend who can travel with her and help her through the tough times, also vowing to save everyone she can as a combat medic.

The Sharpshooter, Jacob Boyer, does exactly as his title says. He roams around with a large sniper rifle, sneaking about those vampires who don’t play games or do any funny business. His blend of stealth and accuracy is a deadly combination for any blood-sucker who gets too close to his neck. Not only that, but he has a pet raven who will help him through any battle or sticky situation he gets himself into.

Redfall is also open-world, allowing you and your friends to get into the action or stealth your way around in search of survivors and better equipment. You may even find yourself not wanting to leave Redfall at all, with the cold of the moonlight reigning down as you roam around. That being said, I suggest you up your stealth skill by purchasing Escape From Tarkov items, allowing a new player to perfect the art of not being noticed. Redfall is on the way to becoming a monumental sensation, as the game looks even better than before and interestingly different from other shooters out there.

Arkane Studios is looking forward to supporting this game and already have downloadable content planned with two new characters and a boatload of updates. To those buying the game, perhaps we will cross paths. But…if a vampire spots you, then I most certainly do not know you.