Dr. Bawumia Vs Mr. Alan

There is no denying the fact that the NPP is confronted with a Goliath political decision: a decision that can make or break the party’s chances in 2024. Those who think that the economy is the barometer on which the NPP will win in 2024 are certainly not wearing their political microscope.

I truly believe that the single most important barometer that can help the NPP retain power IN 2024 is UNITY among Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s camp and Mr. Alan Kyerematen’s camp. It is within this context that my heart deeply cringes when you hear or read about the latest developments that are surrounding the flagbearership race. Seriously, it is unhealthy and serves no wise purpose with the various salvos or innuendos coming from the various camps.
Let no NPP staunch supporter be in delusion that a single camp-Dr. Bawumia or Mr. Alan, can single-handedly parachute to power in 2024 by antagonizing the other camp. Undoubtedly, Dr. Bawumia’s constituencies and Alan’s constituencies exclusively need each other regardless. This political cross-road that the NPP has reached, truly demands ‘matured’ and ‘King Solomon’ persons in the NPP to as a matter of urgency call these two camps to the table for a compromise
“That is why everyone in politics, and we do it, must make sure that they do not depend on one single-interest group. A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution”
~Angela Merkel~. 
There are some who believe that the NPP’s best option is to nominate Dr. Bawumia, chronicling reasons that Dr. Bawumia has been the vice president and serving the party excellently, coupled with his economics mastery give him the advantage. Some also have argued that Dr. Bawumia has done well for the NPP by capturing the Northern Regions making the NPP favorability and likeability level very high in the Northern Regions. Equally mentioned by admirers of Dr. Bawumia is the fact that his choice will destroy any chorus arguments that the opposition party will capitalize on by claiming that the NPP always secludes Northerners from the presidency. Those admirers of Dr.M.B.,argued, “ what will be NPP counter defence if Dr.M.B. is not nominated?”  There has also been an argument against Dr. M.B. candidacy primarily on the basis that the huge economic challenges that confront the NPP government is his shared responsibility. “If Dr. M.B. is nominated, what will be his counter-defence?”
Admirers of Mr. Alan have also claimed that the perceived negative baggage that the NPP government carries will psychologically motivate people to go to the polls and vote for the NPP if Mr. Alan grabbed the nomination.
Supporters of Mr. Alan also adds that it is Alan’s turn (time) to the flagbearership, zeroing on his services to the party, quiet and gentle giant personality as a winning formula. There has also been an argument against Mr. Alan’s candidacy, claiming that he left/resigned from the party years ago when he lost the flagbearership to H.E.Nana Addo. Claiming then that, things were not going well in the NPP. What will be Mr. Alan’s counter-defence?”
Regardless of the positives of these two respected and admired persons, none of them can on their own and camp-solely-win the 2024 election for the NPP. Any visible friction between these two camps can nail the fortunates of the NPP in 2024. It is against this backdrop that my heart cringes when you read and hear about the political punches that are being launched by each of the camps-it is unnecessary and amounts to kindergarten behavior, and those people must STOP the attacks. Logically, you inform or educate the NPP supporters what your candidate will do for the NPP and Ghana in general .It is more so troubling when those‘insults and demeaning words’  are coming from people who have been General Secretary before or former MPs, or perceived as leading members of  the NPP.
In the face of this political delimana that the NPP faces, a suggestion of pairing Dr. Bawumia and Mr. Alan has emerged. That political permutation can only work if relational, political, and psychological chemistry exist between these two personalities. The sensible and strategic way forward now  is for the NPP to have ‘king Solomons’ and ‘matured persons' to urgently summon  these two personalities for a strategic road map that will unite these two people and their respective camps -”politics is the art of compromise”.
The NPP urgently needs a compromise and a unity campaign before the year ends. Obviously, Mr. Alan’s pairing as vice presidential candidate to Dr. M.B. is the ideal slot, but perhaps ego and personality crush will amazingly strike their ugly heads in this permutation. Alternatively, Mr. Alan can be a king maker in making confidential choices about certain sensitive ministerial positions to give Dr.M.B a free ride. 

If Dr. M.B. is pushed or discouraged to show disinterest in the NPP race, the ethnic chorus from the opposition party and independent voters are going to be loud and clear. What will be the NPP strategic response to that ethnicity tag?  
Any economic miracles will not guarantee NPP retention of power in 2024, but a united front between Dr. Bawumia and Mr. Alan inclusive of their respective camps will do the MAGIC in 2024!!!!