NPP 2024: Setting The Record Straight On The Issue Of Sacrifice For Posterity (Part 1)

If nothing had scratched the palm fibre, it wouldn’t have creaked. Gideon Boako, the vicious arrogant liar and spokesperson of the Vice-President, has awoken the spirits of truth from their slumber to set the record straight on the issue of sacrifice in the NPP.

What True Sacrifice Entails:

The word sacrifice in its original meaning, connotes giving up something in aid or support of someone or something without anticipating any personal benefit in return. In other words, one cannot be said to have sacrificed in a situation where he/she is working because he/she has been guaranteed a position or benefit. A person can’t be a beneficiary of his or her own sacrifice.

Those who were never promised nor guaranteed positions before working are the ones that are deemed to have sacrificed. Even in situations where their hard works are eventually recognized for reward, their motivation to work hard was not based on any guarantee.

The NPP was formed in 1992, but won power for the first time in 2000. Between these two periods, it can be said that, a lot of people who really loved the party, sacrificed their lives, money, cars, blood, sweat, time and other things till power was eventually won.

Sadly, most of those people never had the privilege to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Some even didn’t live to see power. Those kind of patriots are the ones who deserve to be ascribed the word SACRIFICE; not Bawumia. They gave their all without any guaranteed positions.

*Reaping Where He Didn’t Sow:*

The Vice-President who never sacrificed anything whatsoever, became a beneficiary of their sacrifice, when President Kufuor gave him a very juicy appointment, as the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana. After the appointment in 2005, which was a political appointment, he never deemed it worthwhile to join the party that gave him that golden opportunity.

*The Mafia and Databank Guys: *

Then came the year 2008, the year he was made the Vice Presidential candidate,16 good years after the formation of the party. And, how did he join the party?

Well, unlike some of us who walked to the party’s offices across the country, in the midst of fear and intimidation by the PNDC / Rawlings revolutionary functionaries to register to become members of the party, the Vice-President, Dr. Bawumia, was brought in by two groups of people with special interest, the family and friends Mafia and Gabby/Ken Ofori Atta and their Databank guys.

This is what happened. The party wanted to choose a Muslim from the North as a vice-presidential candidate to continue that Christian-Southerner plus Muslim-Northerner strategy that won the party power in 2000. Thank God the same strategy won us power in 2004, 2016, 2020 and will win us power in 2024.

Nana Addo’s initial preference, Hajia Alima Mahama, was unfortunately rejected by the party for reasons that had nothing to do with her competence. Subsequently, other party stalwarts like Alhaji Mustapha Iddris, Dr. Wayo Seini, Alhaji Alhassan Yakubu and Alhaji Abubakar Boniface were either rejected or ignored by the candidate for the reason that he needed an Economist to help him turn Ghana around.

That is when the special-interest groups entered the fray to impose Alhaji Bawumia, an outsider, on the candidate as an economist to manage the economy of Nana Addo’s government. Thus, Dr. Bawumia, as the Vice President and economic manager of Nana Addo’s government was cast in stone from day one.

That is why Nana Addo himself specifically and publicly said he had brought Bawumia to come and manage the exchange rate, which is the heart of the economy. So, what were Gideon Boako and Annoh-Dompreh talking about?

On what basis would any sane person attempt to blame Alan Kyerematen for the suffocation of the cedi and, for that matter, the economy, when someone was specifically brought in to manage that. If your economic wizard can’t fly in the night, don’t blame the humble elephant touring in the forest.

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Shalom shalom!

E. G. Buckman