Election 2024: Ghana Card Will Not Be Used to Vote – Jean Mensa Tells Parliament

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Madam Jean Mensa has discredited any possibility to use Ghana Card to vote in the 2024 elections.
“It will not be used,” she noted.
According to her, the Ghana Card will only be a requirement to register as a voter and also prevent minors and foreigners from getting onto the electoral register to vote.
“The use of only Ghana Card will ensure and guarantee the credibility of the register and elections, prevent enrolment of minors, prevent foreigners from voting, eliminate the guarantor,” she told Parliament.
“Mr Speaker, I wish to emphasise that the Ghana Card will not be used to vote in the 2024 elections. The Ghana Card is only a requirement to register as a voter,” the EC Chair said.
“Once you present your Ghana Card and successfully register as a voter, you will be issued with a voter identification card which bears the code of your region, district, electoral area and the name of your polling station; the Ghana Card does not have these features and, therefore, will not be used to vote in the 2024 general elections.”
“We do not intend to disenfranchise persons who qualify to vote. It is in our interest to register them. It will be an antithesis to deny any Ghanaian the right to vote,” Madam Jean Mensa added.
“However, we equally have the responsibility to ensure that only qualified Ghanaians are found in the voters’ register. We owe this responsibility to Ghanaians and we will work to uphold that,” she explained.