NPP Korle Klottey Constituency Doesn't Need A Parliamentary Candidate; What We Need Is A Member Of Parliament

No smart politician who understands the dynamics of politics will think of contesting an election after losing a previous one with a deficit of over 8,000 votes. It is obviously clear that some people take Korle Klottey Constituency as a playing ground to expedite their professional career at the expense of hardworking delegates.

Truth be told, this whole 2020 NPP Parliamentary election was a gimmick to mischievously rescue the image who a personality who formerly allian with the NDC and was sacred to lose a prestigious position with a lucrative salary after being sacked by the NPP Government, when we tok office. There is nothing wrong with an individual deciding to politically cross carpet, but there is everything wrong with the fact that an individual deliberately plays with the minds and future party people.

NPP Korle Klottey Constituency doesn't need a parliamentary candidate. What we need is a member of parliament on the ticket of the NPP and not just a candidate. We need a candidate who is appealing to both NPP and NDC sympathizers, which is the only way to clear the 8,000 votes deficit. The BIG question delegates must ask ourselves is that, which of the aspiring candidates has the charisma to pull NDC sympathizers to our side.

Going through parliamentary results for over 6 election cycles in many constituencies it is visibly clear that when a candidate lost elections with over 8000 votes margin there is no way he can win again in the immediate subsequent elections. ln many instances those candidates do not contest again in the immediate elections. 

For those who are stubborn to contest even when they are successful at the primaries they lost the general elections. lt is difficult to cross over the 8000 margin of lost in the next immediate elections.

This is a food for thought for all of us and we must be guided by that if we wish to capture the klottey korle seat come 2024.

The panacea lies in changing the candidate to secure our victory.

This my humble view of our situation.

Klottey Korley Need and change and a unifier leader to help NPP break the 8 and the 16 years.