Sustainable Restaurants Certification Introduced In Ghana

Friend of the Sea®, a project of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) has introduced its Sustainable Restaurants Certification to Ghana’s hospitality sector, through its collaboration with Ghanaian business development firm, Fort Group.

According to Friend of the Sea criteria, the certification is obtainable to seafood and fish restaurants across the country which minimize their impact on the planet through sustainable food sourcing and preparation.

In recent years, the demand for ecologically sustainable restaurants has grown; the concept of sustainability is spreading into the hospitality industry. Sustainable fish and seafood restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, with consumers who wish to take a credible stand on sustainability issues and minimize their environmental footprint.

As a result, restaurant owners must now adopt responsible operational practices when sourcing fish and seafood from suppliers. In doing so, restaurants and other food outlets can ensure not only the traceability of the cuisines being served but also that the restaurant’s practices and operations are contributing to sustainable environmental impacts.

In Ghana, there is an increase in sustainability awareness in the hospitality and gastronomy sectors, placing a greater responsibility on restaurants to prioritize sustainability. Seafood tends to be a low-carbon food, so it reduces the strain on the environment, wild caught seafood has a significantly lower carbon footprint; helping to ensure healthy and resilient ocean ecosystems.