Be Bold Like The Late Mills, Say NO To LGBTQI+ And Stop Being Diplomatic – Akufo-Addo Told

Peace Watch Ghana has challenged President Akufo-Addo to speak out against LGBTQ+ issues.

Nyonkopa Daniels, the NGO’s founder and leader, believes the president must muster the courage to speak out against it and support any law that criminalises it.

Age stated on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s Frontline that LGBTQI+ is evil, demonic, and devilish and should not be entertained in Ghana.

She asserted that family values must be promoted, and the family values that Ghanaians believe in promoting marriage between men and women rather than the opposite.

Nyonkopa Daniels went on to urge the National Chief Imam to rally other Islamic sects, Christian groups, and Ghanaians to unite in order to say no to homosexuality. We can’t have men sleeping with men. We must prohibit women from sleeping with other women. It is barbaric, demonic, evil, and a slap in the face to our cultural values.

Homosexuality is contrary to God’s design for humanity. We will not consider it. We will not accept so-called aid from these Western countries and will not tolerate these demonic acts and behaviour. As a people, we have a responsibility to protect this country. We will oppose homosexuality and any form of support for such practises.

If we entertain these demonic behaviours, we will incur God’s wrath. We must be wise and resist all efforts to encourage it.

She also took on government officials who are working to promote LGBTQI+ rights in Ghana.

Beware if you work at the presidency and enjoy these acts. If you are a government official who enjoys homosexuality, do not impose it on others. President Akufo-Addo must be brave and resist it. Late President Mills was bold and spoke out against it, so be bold and speak out against it, she added.