Criminalizing LGBT Won’t Improve Ghana’s Current Woes – LGBT Activist

The Founder and Director of LGBTQ+ Rights – Ghana, Alex Kofi Donkor says criminalizing LGBT persons will not bring any significant change to the country.

Leading sponsor of the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, Sam George is accusing the US government of being hypocritical following comments by US Vice President Kamala Harris maintaining that the LGBTQ+ debate is a human rights matter.

The US Vice President who is in Ghana at a press engagement described gay rights as human rights which are non-negotiable.

In an interview with Starr News, Ningo-Prampram MP and sponsor of the anti-gay bill called the bluff of the US government for what he terms an attempt to impose gay rights on Ghana.

According to the MP, the economic crisis the Nana Addo administration has plunged the country into has given the Americans the motivation to pressure the government into submission.

Speaking on Starr Today with Joshua Kodjo Mensha, the LGBT activist indicated that the sponsors of the LGBT bill have nothing to do with family values as they seem to be projecting.

“What are the family values that you want to criminalize me? What is it? They are just using words around just to divide us unnecessarily, the very person who is saying that what is it about him that is more family value than me so much so that he wants to criminalize me for what? What will be the change, what is the significant change if you criminalize me?

“I am a Ghanaian that also plays my role as a researcher, I pay my taxes every month, MoMo charges and everything Ghanaians do that really makes a person Ghanaian I am doing that. Yet somebody sitting somewhere because he has gotten an opportunity to be an MP he is subjecting other Ghanaians to disrepute and we allow that to happen?” Mr. Donkor stated.

He continued: “Just recently Uganda passed the bill. What is the significant change that has happened in Uganda so much that Ghana wants to replicate it? Do we want to compare our progress to Uganda? I am sorry. Come on, let’s be serious, these people are just dividing us unnecessarily for their own parochial interest.”

According to him, there is nothing threatening the Ghanaian family.

“We are all part of Ghana and we are all Ghana. No one is more Ghanaian than the other. Let’s stop this,” he concluded.