Don’t Introduce Your Important Friendships - Empress Gifty Warns

Popular gospel singer, Empress Gifty is one who is vocal about her beliefs and her social media pages have mostly been the location for addressing issues of concern.

In a Facebook post on March 31, she warned people not to ‘dilute’ their important friendships by introducing them to just anybody.

“I repeat.

don't "DILUTE" your important friendships !!

Don't introduce them to just anybody.....Infact, Don't introduce them at all,” the post reads.

Her post was widely applauded by her followers who believed it was a good caution to ward them off traitors.

“Totally agree!!! About your caption dear. Wisdom speaks louder than words”, another follower, Amina Salla wrote

Mavis Whyte said, “Empress your caption is from above I mean is from God. I used to think some things are only exist in movies and books until I experienced some. God bless you for your message is priceless πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• and deep”.

In the words of Maa Tee, “How I wish I had this knowledge at my tender age. Thanks sis honestly I love the ‘at all part’”.