The Libyan Crisis: A Ghanaian Perspective

I believe all men are created equal. Let me start with that. Equality doesn’t equate to sameness! There is a difference. But then, you knew. At least, this is my hope and belief. So, if all men are created equal, then, why do some men allow other men to work all over them? Better yet, why do some men allow other men to treat them like sub-humans? The reason why I raised these questions is because of what I have been observing of late. Things troubling of nature, to tell the truth. We Africans have got me thinking! Our peculiar nature, to be precise. There is something inherently wrong with us! The word wrong might be inappropriate. However, I couldn’t come up with any other word. So, please, excuse me, while I kiss the sky in truth. If it’s not right, then it must be wrong! Logic! Truly, African leaders are something else. Damn it, they fear white people too much! Their inability to stand up to them has rendered them useless. I call them a disgrace! In fact, if I had it my way, all of them would’ve been sent packing with their weak selves. With an exception of a few, of course! Namely, Robert Mugabe and Muammar-al-Qaddafi. Robert Mugabe bows to no man! You know, Europeans like an African whom they could boss around. A house negro whom they could control. Someone like Barack Obama! Well, Robert Mugabe has proven that he cannot be bought. He stands his ground like a real man. He calls a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel. As a result, he has become an annoyance to the Europeans. They don’t like him! I am sure that they would like to see him go. Gods knows how hard they have been trying. Zimbabwe isn’t what she used to be! In an effort to get rid of Mugabe, the Europeans have purposely bankrupted Zimbabwe through sanctions. Their plan? To unleash an economic hardship so that a people’s uprising against Mugabe might ensue. This is an old tactic! Nothing new! The same thing was done to precipitate Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s overthrow. In the Sixties, the price of cocoa was deliberately set on a free fall. Its intention? To bankrupt Ghana’s economy by killing the country’s major source of income. The Europeans know that to create an economic hardship is to create an uprising! The white settlers want Zimbabwe very badly. Please, bear this in mind! Mugabe, on the other hand, isn’t making things easy for them. No! Hence, their contempt. Muammar-al-Qaddafi is an African leader who doesn’t allow the West to walk over him. No! He might be a man of different faces, but the mask which he wears is one. Qaddafi bows to no man! Ever since this man resurrected Dr Nkrumah’s dream of unifying Africa, racist Europe has been on his tail. They don’t want to let him be. Insults and assassination attempts follow him wherever he goes! For instance, Ronald Reagan once referred to him as the mad dog of Libya. How degrading! Indeed, it would be untrue to say that Qaddafi is loved by the West because he isn’t. They wish him death! In fact, they have been planning his death for years. In the Eighties, Ronald Reagan, the blood-thirsty warmonger, came after Qaddafi with Scud missiles. His was unsuccessful! Today, NATO, the western-terrorist organization, is assaulting Libya with the forces of hell. NATO came to Libya with the “noble” intent to protect the people of Benghazi. This proved to be a lie! The current bombardment in Tripoli reveals the hidden agenda. By now, one would’ve expected the African Union to call NATO to order. After all, Libya is part of the AU, but no. Members of the African Union are looking on as if they have no power. Africans leaders continue to watch, whilst the Europeans destroy Libya--one of the best countries in Africa by far. On May 24, 2011, Mr Rawlings made a comment on the Libyan crisis, which got me vexed. Really vexed, to tell the truth! He said; “Qaddafi’s initial threats and actions may have invited this kind of intervention on himself.” I wondered what Mr Rawlings meant by this statement. Mr Rawlings, I believe, should’ve been more specific. Having said this, the crisis in Libya isn’t an European affair. It’s an African affair! Therefore, the Europeans have no business it whatsoever. They should stay out of it. It’s our family business, not theirs! We Africans don’t mingle in their affairs, not ever. So, who the hell are they to mingle in ours? Anyway, I don’t blame the Europeans. We Africans are fools! This is why the Europeans continue to piss on us. We lack self-respect, love and integrity. We don’t see ourselves as family! Hence, our reluctance to stand up to the Europeans as one. We are watching them pound our brother, Maummar-al-Qaddafi--to bits. Shame on us! How dare we stay put without standing up for our brother? My mother has four children. Two boys and two girls, to be precise. I am the second oldest! One day, my mother invited all four of us to her humble abode. This is what she told us. You are family, she said, all four of you. “He who touches one of you, touches all four of you.” Dear reader, I have tucked away these words in my mind for safe-keeping. Welcome 2 the New age of Consciousness!