"Suicide Bombing Detrimental To Islam"

The Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Mission in Ghana, Maulvi Wahab Adam has called on Muslims to abstain from suicide bombing and other social mischief. The Ameer who made the call in a sermon in Accra said these acts were detrimental to the teachings Islam. He noted that it would be very difficult for Islam to be seen as a peace loving religion if Muslims involved in acts that made their neighbours and others to live in fear. Maulvi Adam said the agenda of Islam was to ensure peace and submission to the will of Allah. Contrary to this agenda, he observed that the acts of some Muslims in recent times had led to public perception that Islam was characterised with hostility, distraction, conflict, and war mongering. He said some Muslims are adamant to the wind of change that is coming upon the world and are still involve in lifestyles that persisted some 1500 years ago. Maulvi Adam said change was necessary for the Muslim to live harmoniously with others. The Ahmadiyya community he said was calling on Muslims who lived with the mentality of the old Islamic era to embrace a new world of Islam that has the capacity to give a contemporary insight to the meaning and practice of the religion. He said Muslims should be faithful to themselves in their worship and seek knowledge that would rekindle the scriptural meaning of Islam for the benefit of mankind. He said it was significant to tell the Islamic World that without good leadership, the light of Islam would not reach its followers and many would continue to interpret the meaning of the scripture in ways that would aid them to perpetuate actions that would put the name of Islam into disrepute.