Where To Feel The Touch Of The Holy Spirit?

In this contemporary world where righteousness is being mistaken to mean evil whiles evil is also being mistaken to be righteousness, trust me people are bound to experience all sort of problems in their day today activities. But as the problems, keep coming, they turned round to look for a savior somewhere to come with a solution to their problems thereby rushing to all sort of people claiming to be ministers of God and do have solution to all problems. Forgetting that those problems occurred because they chose evil to superseded righteousness and that have to turn events around by choosing righteousness to supersede evil, they rush to seers, prophets and what have you believed to solve their problems for them. But let us ask ourselves the simple question whether all these so called prophets and seers are the truly ordained ministers of God who are blessed with the gift to solve the problems they rush to for solution? With the latest reports about most of these noise making prophets in the media, your answer is as good as my. But in all these, thank God for making available to us some of his ministers whom he has blessed with the gift of leadership who intercedes for the country Ghana and the people every now and then.Bishop Bob Hawkson, the founder of Jubilee Churches International which has it headquarters at Pig Farm area in Accra, but has overseas branches in America, Canada and United Kingdom, is one of these anointed men of God who intercedes for God children and the country Ghana in his daily prayers. This anointed man of God, is so humble, respectful, caring, kind, honest, faithful and more so sympathetic to mankind that many people who have had encounter with him keep on asking what a man of God is this man who is so pure in heart? So vested in the teachings of the bible, preach to people about the need to repent from their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and not preach about people to others to create confusion, show you how to pray and if it becomes possible, pray with you but not pray for you. You can not be a member of this church if punctuality is not your hallmark because right from 9:00a.m to 12:00p.m the church service begins with worship praises, delivering of a sermon and finally offertory. Nothing invokes the feeling of the Holy Spirit more than the worshiping time where the main auditorium of the church always gets heavy where members feel the touch of the spirit as it speaks to their heart individually. With humility members uplift their soul; mind and body spiritually to the worship of the lord who interns feel the joy of the lord in their heart as well trained youth singers lead members in that section. Oh the sweetness of God is always felt during this section. When it comes to praises and adoration time, that is where members lift high the name of the almighty God as they put all their burdens and troubles at the feet of the almighty God and trust me no member go back home carrying the same burden again. Bishop Bob Hawkson’s sermons are interlaced with real life experiences which go down to teach members how to live wealthy lives to praise God. He teaches members how to live a perfect life which according to him goes hand in hand with righteousness as he challenges that no one can be righteous without living a perfect life. Accordingly, a perfect life blends with the true teachings of Jesus Christ in the bible which provides peace, love, wealth, unity and development in peoples lives of which without it there would be chaos. What is so amazing about this man of God is the dedication of his time to render free counseling to members and the outside community at the church offices throughout the week and the love feast he organizes for members at the beginning of every year to assess the performance of the church and the way forward. Really, Jubilee Churches International is the church where you will feel the spirit of dedication to the service of the lord and your dedication as well as commitment will also be recognized and rewarded accordingly to encourage others to emulate your example all to the service of the lord. Worshiping the lord is full of peace, joy, wisdom, understanding and reaping of the blessings of the lord therefore why not get up and pick up your dress and join members at the church this Sunday so that you can also be part of these blessings?