Vice President Turns Story Teller

Vice President John Dramani Mahama exhibited his story-telling prowess on Saturday in Sunyani, the Brong Ahafo regional capital during the national Delegates’ Congress of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) when he started his speech with a thought-provoking story. Emulating the recent behavior of former President Rawlings, the Vice President started his speech at the congress, which elected President Mills as the flagbearer of the party, with a story about the relationship that existed between three birds. The proverbial tale was about three birds namely Kaka, Tika and Kagali, who lived together as intimate friends in a small village but started to face problems after they separated. He said the three birds were admired by the villagers because of their melodious songs, but started to lose their respect when their singing abilities faded. According to him, the three birds were able to sing beautifully because they were united but things started to fall apart when they decided to go solo. The Vice President noted that when the birds realized that their fortunes were dwindling, they decided to unite and within a short time they regained their strength. Vice President Mahama entreated the rank and file of the party to take a cue from the story and come to terms with the fact that no single person can propel the NDC to power in the 2012 general elections. In view of this, the Vice President scolded suggestions that some persons in the party were more important than others, stressing that without the collaborative effort of all, the NDC cannot win the 2012 elections. Mr. Mahama contended that the ruling party was the most democratic political party in the country, noting that it was only a democratic party like the NDC that could entertain a contest involving the sitting president. He indicated that God has been good to the ruling party in many facets of life, stressing that the NDC has what it takes to survive the danger that the contest between President Mills and the founder First Lady poses. The Vice President pointed out that the country’s history cannot be written without the mentioning of former President Rawlings due to the immense role he has played in the democratic dispensation. He described former President Rawlings as an inspirational leader, whose commitment to duty brought the country’s socio-political and economic life to a sound footing. Mr. Mahama noted that the NDC deserves a second term in office due to the excellent and overwhelming performance since they assumed the reins of government on January 7, 2009. He emphasized that should the NDC fail to consolidate power in 2012, it will not be due to the fact that the President Mills-led government failed to deliver on its promises but because the party failed to unite and therefore called for unity.