"Over 1000 Consumers Port In 3 Days

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) consultant to the National Communications Authority (NCA), Bob Palitz has indicated that over 1,000 people had successfully ported from one network to the other as at 8:00am on Sunday July 10. He made this revelation to “MNP Ghana” a facebook group he created to educate the general public and to use as a platform to answer MNP related questions. In response to a question on statistics of which operator is gaining the most of the ported subscribers, he said “NCA is looking at publishing statistics on a monthly basis. We are however yet to decide what level of detail should be included”. He advised that knowing where people are porting to the most should not influence others to make a decision. “The right network for one person may be the wrong network for another. People need to do their homework, and I am personally not going to stop emphasizing that fact. Following a crowd is not doing your homework” He said, “You choose the network you think offers you the pricing, coverage, and service you want”. When www.telecomeye.com asked Bob how long on the average the porting process has been taking, he said “I don't have average statistics. When there is no particular problem, it's looking like less than 15 minutes.” Bob was also asked why units on a sim card cannot be transferred unto a new sim card after porting. He said “This would not be possible because you are closing your account on the old network. You are opening a new account at a new network. Just like before MNP. The only thing MNP does is provide a system that moves your number to the new network. Other than that, there is no connection between your relationships with old network and new network” He reminded people who want to port to go to their new operator with their ID cards and phones to make the porting request.