Big Brother Amplified: Five Up For Eviction

During Monday morning's nominations, Bernadina, Lomwe, Vina, Wendall and Zeus gathered the most number of nominations and thus face possible eviction this coming Sunday, July 17. Vimbai, as the Head of House, went into the Chat Room and saved her countryman and love interest, Wendall, in order to put Mumba on the chopping block. This was a surprising move as it was expected she would spite Karen by putting her up for possible Eviction. Karen and Vimbai have been at loggerheads since Karen gave Wendall a back massage. On Sunday morning, Vimbai told Karen to get away from her because she does not like her. It is the second time Vimbai has had to place someone on the chopping block; the last time she saved Hanni and replaced her with Michael, who then got evicted. For two weeks since Housemates got reunited in one House, Vimbai has been nominating Karen; it is unexplainable why she would not take the opportunity to get rid of someone she does not like. Vimbai had originally nominated Karen and Zeus, but when the time came for her Save and Replace she put Mumba on the nomination list. The five nominated Housemates are Bernadina, Lomwe, Vina, Mumba and Zeus.